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when that brilliant light escapes you
will you see your soul transpire?
when the strings of spacetime overlap
will you visit me for awhile?
can you remember the smell of the air that night?
dead leaves lined the gutter, we stood under the streetlight.
on both our faces, wrote lies of confusion
in both our minds, we knew no illusions
we knew truth then, as we know it now
but can you still smell the scent of autumn anyhow?
2 decades later and i still drown in envy
looking up past the streetlight, you looked down at me.
a nervous smile crossed those unaged lips
a burst of light and that's where my mind slips
we know truth now, as we knew it then
but can you still remember how to make the light bend?
are you in the group of people i meet when i sleep?
when we're brought there again, like a promise to keep.
i look through their lights to make out their faces
but i can never get their glow to stay in their places
and i'm learning truths now, that i didn't know i knew then
but i'm left wonder
:iconharlita:harlita 1 3
should i move?
I can't explain
but I'm lost to myself
watching him stumbling
but i feel like someone else
these moves.
should i move?
somewhat erotic how he's shuddering again
only just met the guy
we're not even friends
but this is how he wants it
his body's so responsive
put on my teacher's hat
give him a good-boy pat
taking.  my time.
to not make. him mine.
unearthing. his signs.
I'll bring out the best in me
to make him see his ecstacy-
now move.
:iconharlita:harlita 0 0
I fuck for money
Shake me
Break me
Everybody come and take me
-giggling laughter while they fight to make me
But don't forget the flirting
-then they post the pictures, keep 'em circulating
Can't avoid the stresses
-pushing and pulling, all the while time presses
Pains me
Drains me
Slowly I lose the sane me
-here comes the best part, stamping down on my heart.
:iconharlita:harlita 3 2
…It's something more than that
Taken like a pill to subdue the franticness
…It's something  just like that
Met right on time to suspend my disbelief
…It's based on made up fact
A dream world I drift into hiding myself again
…It's listing all the things I lack
Judge and jury of my lifetime, enemy still a friend
I'm collapsing under the weight
Always the strong one, always so strong but
I'm submitting to this fate
My pulse is a song, it's made up-sing along
Dragging.    My feet.   
               Always dragging.  Like sleep.   
  Flagging.  Down help.
I'm in distress. This is my SOS.
:iconharlita:harlita 2 5
-please calm me
hold me when I'm shaking
-still i'm crying
a shudder builds to quaking
-you're beyond me
folded over thinking
-you're just lying
these pretty words you're making
-they could soothe me
keep my heart from shrinking
-if you fooled me
buy into what you're bringing
-but there's your empty
it ties me down with nothing
-it's like drowning
waves that just keep coming
-so you just hold me
to satiate the fire
-then you leave coldly
like the man i once admired
:iconharlita:harlita 0 0
Mature content
c and c upfront :iconharlita:harlita 1 0
it's so much more
than a thousand miles away
it's admirable really
the way we play
this dance back and forth
we know will go nowhere
but the idea that it could
keeps the heart aware
there's this chance for this
this chance for that
keeps us in these seats
right where we sat
instead of roses
i'll send some keys
some ones and zeroes
hoping it will please
hoping it will calm
keep your mind at ease
more than a thousand miles
over electronic seas
:iconharlita:harlita 1 3
Why Not?
The things I wouldn't do
Oh, man - the things I wouldn't do
What wouldn't I do?
Are you intrigued now?
It's such great use of time - to wonder.
Wreaks havok on the firing squad
that control the synapse flood gate.
Keeps them busy to no end, until you are just left to realize- you can only wonder - all the things I wouldn't do.
How compelling! To give liberty to the blank stare that eludes me since I was a child. How convincing! To agree with you that we have no conclusion where the path is going, but hold no doubt we originated the same.
Only to wonder together - what I wouldn't do.
Finally to question then, forever - and.. why not?
:iconharlita:harlita 0 0
Arrest this pain again
arrest this pain again
i've never touched you
but i'm locked inside your hold
i can't ever win
i know it now
let the truth be told
then bless this pain away
i've never seen you
but your gaze is just so bold
i will never win
my love's for sale
but it hasn't sold
I move from shining light to see
what magic I've encountered
The way the endlessly high
moonlight holds your eyes
I'll take the chance and live to be
some magic you encounter
an announced latent mystery
blessed to wait by your side
for the future of life i see in you
arrest this pain again
i've never touched you
but i'm locked inside your hold
i can't ever win
i know it now
let the truth be told
then bless this pain away
i've never seen you
but your gaze is just so bold
i will never win
my love's for sale
but it hasn't sold
:iconharlita:harlita 0 2
Tribal Fusion
When her hips move
she shakes the world
the skirt flow through
she's my girl, my whole world
When her arms roll out
she holds the world
roll out, click down
she's my girl, dance for the world
left to the left
then right back to the left
step next to the right
twist, twist, dance for the world
When her hips move
her stomach rolls round
I'm driven to desire
I can't calm down
Shift here in my seat
feet stomp on drumbeats
When her feet swap the places
the air musky sweet
Bells ring out rythem
stones tap out a time
When she busts into the section
You'll sure lose your mind
Back twists, slower now
shake shake, just slower now
Lean back, go lower now
Drop down, flat back to the ground now
And my mind is swimming
in lust,  I must submit to desire
tribal fusion melts my world
into her's like wildfire.
:iconharlita:harlita 2 5
Deja Vu
I've stood here before
Eyes down.
I've noticed these wings before
Fly south.
I've taken liberties before
Lied proud.
I've caught reality before
Dry mouth.
I've kissed insanities before
Cry loud.
I've lost the narcissism before
Time drowned.
I've held the key to this door before
Mind bound.
And I'll run away just like before
From this bride's gown.
:iconharlita:harlita 1 0
Come Visit
i can feel the air on my face
like a vaccuum- the past
sucks the future in on me
my eyes close just a second
an attempt to breath, broken
a mouth robbed of air
eyelids fly open- a panic
bells adorning the cloth worn
once familiar, now eerie
ears fill with silence- deafening
the vaccuum drops into the void
and again, I cease to be.
momentum ends- my mind slows
cool breeze from a foreign mind
opening my eyes, is that mint tea?
:iconharlita:harlita 0 1
'lo by harlita 'lo :iconharlita:harlita 0 3
Mature content
alasdair :iconharlita:harlita 1 3
Brother Turns 18
to figure out
to walk around
feel the chill of the air in the morning brightly
to hold her hand
to understand
the mirror I see when I look at her eyes
to let him go
to let him know
18 years has built himself a strong man
to reconnect
to resurrect
times of creation from when she and I were still young
to make amends
to honor friends
for the time and the care it takes to be near
to hold my head
remember what was said
by the wisest souls though they've left my lifetime
to recognize
though we see through lies
choose not to interfere with a soul still learning
to admit
to begin
accepting I get weak and I lose it like you
to grow old
to grow young
to spin circles in the sand when no one's looking
and time
to take a breath
to take a rest
and find myself in my next life smiling back at me, shine.
:iconharlita:harlita 0 0
open seating
How old is the soul
If it cannot rise
How old is the blindness
Behind those eyes
To behold the great change
But still locked in awe
To stand on this stage
While no crowds draw
Words given on paper
Written out by time
Fail to be recited
Line after line
Young eyes lost by vision
To translate the page
Scan over empty seating
Then back at the stage
Ghosts of art hover closely
To take in the toll
Of tickets not sold
For this artist of souls
:iconharlita:harlita 0 1


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United States

Devious Journal Entry

Tue Feb 12, 2008, 5:25 AM
the action, the caption- the main attraction

Tamper Resistant
I'm Temper Persistent
Tagging along on my insanity walk

Playing the victim
I'm learning to trick them
Making sweet sounds in my liberal talk

You're watching me floating
and inside you're gloating
back stage passes to my sexual play

Inside the green room
the fun begins real soon
pick up your press badges on the way



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