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Bombshell-Shelly [XPS/DL]

Waited since long on my hd.
Also there is no proper Shelly model available anymore on DA, as far as i know.
Hopefully i will find the time to make a special version of her :3

- low res version
- many specular maps and normals
- few optional items
Update 1
- High Res Textures

Download both texture packs.

original by Minitiv
ported by HarleySin
ported with XnaFreak great tool.

                                                                                            !all rights reserved to the respective owners!
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Can you "Re-upllad Her "With The Proper HD Textures "! 
Hun xxx ( Heart Huggle! Hug Blush Ashamed Love Giggle Giggle x! 

( Well when i Upload her in my "Xps "! Well her "Cheast in Dark-Coloured and Well her Head/Face is High-Rez in her "Arms/legs And her "Boots For Some Resion turned Out "Black "! ? ( Confused :-? (Confused) Giggle Giggle x!) 

Well here's The link : 
(Link:   Bombshell Shelly by CyberBrian360
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Works fine for me with both versions. Maybe your xps version is out of memory but it would probably rather crash then.
Try downloading it again.


Check the material editor for the missing textures.
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Oh ! 
okey ! xx Heart Giggle  !

ill Cheack it In a bit ?xx
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Hope it works out for you :3
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Yer It Worked ! 
( well Some of the " Mesh-parts " ! 
Blush Ashamed Heart Hug Giggle Giggle x 

Well what i mean is that ! 
I Have to " Re-Upload Her " Every time In my "Xps " ? 
Meaning that some Parts Of Her Are " Missing/Over-Thrown or they Need To Be Edited ? Confused :-? (Confused) Heart Giggle Giggle x 

Well Your Help Will Come in handy When i need to " Edit a Texture Of Model " ? 
well ive Download this Model ? 

(link:   R6S Caveira Bope Xps/Xnalara by diegoforfun  ) 
But She Had No " Re-named Bones " ? 
So Ive Re-Download Her With the "Re-named Bones " !  

(link: R6S BOPE Caveira - Fase Poseable by Marcelievsky ) (Renamed-Bonnes Version By "…" ) 

So i had Trouble Of editing Her " Face " ? 
Well There's a " Folder With Her "Default Face And No lip-stick "! 
so ive "Copyed/Patsted it into the Model Folder And She Still had her "Facepaint On " ? CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! Giggle Giggle Giggle Heart So I went And Followed Your Advice ! Haaaaaa ! Giggle Heart and ive Changed her Face-Texure Va the "Lightmap " Option Under The " Material Option " in my " Xps "! 
So Here's the Link To Her "Without her "Facepaint " ! 

(link: Bope ! by CyberBrian360

So i Like To say a BIG THANK YOU ! To you hun For Helping me !!  For You by KmyGraphic ThankYou by KmyGraphic Blush Ashamed Heart Giggle !  
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Looks like you figured it out on your own mostly :D
Well done! I just gave you a small hint.

But i am glad if i could help you on your model work.
Keep it up Brian :hug:
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oh ! 
thank you ! 
Heart Huggle! Hug Giggle ! 
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Also her left hand from Daz3d
i make it because i was want to take off glove and elbow thing 
Sign Emoji-09 (Peace) 
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I think I'm going to do this hairstyle in my hair, it's very beautiful.
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Oh yeah do so :D
Its an unisex hairstyle for me too!
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Oh, this is the one that was originally meant to tie into Duke Nukem before the IP got relocated.  I didn't hear that the game actually got released...
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See, there i did not know it was supposed to be a part of DN but that it got released.
Thanks for the information swapping^^
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Mmm, I think I heard about this game in one of the lists of worst games of the year of it's release...
But I agree, she looks beautiful... for the most part. I don't like to change body parts with robotics, it's like my personal nightmare :S I'm kind of engineer, but I leave the electronics components to electronic devices.

Anyway, I will be waiting that Mid res model of her... or that especial version (please, be a totally human one) :D
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Yes i think the game wasnt rated very well.
But i rate the visual with a high note :p

Same for me. I dont like Robo replacements too much either.
Thats why i will make a full human version on her naughty version......onion yep 
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In that list, they said that "they put an effort to make an interesting character, and then, oh, crap! they remembered that they must do a game around her".

I think I was scared about one of the latests scenes of Superman III when I was a child. But the idea of robotics enhancements makes me... :S The main character of Metal Gear Rising is one of the worst designs I ever seen.

I hope that naughty version wouldn't be a toy for your personal preferences :D (I want to have a good time with her too :P I have a pair of guns in my Blender workshop).
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