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Untitled - Prologue
A young woman, Tamsin White, is sitting at her kitchen table with her laptop.  She is cheerfully tapping out an email to her mother, who is currently off travelling the world.

Hi Mum,
I figured email would be easier at the moment considering our timezones are so different. Do let me know when you’re back on our side of the world as I miss our phone convos…!
Well… I did what you suggested… I put out an advert in the local paper enquiring about tenants to move into some of the spare rooms.  Nothing fancy but I’ve already had a couple of enquiries.  In fact, someone is hopefully moving in today!!
I think you were right.  I won’t be able to afford this place alone.  I know Uncle B had the best intentions when he left this place to me, but how on earth did he expect me to be able to afford it on a minimum wage part time job XD
Not much else to report apart from that.  Uni is fine… Work is fine… My social life
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by Commint

Firstly, the detail in this piece is fantastic. From the many whiskers down to the texture of the fur, you can tell that the artist put...

This certainly captures the essence of electric Pokemon. Yes Pikachu is a cute character, but his powers revolve around a harsh element...


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I've gained a few new watchers as a result of Inktober (thank you everyone!), and I have started being a bit more active here on dA.  Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to share a little bit more about myself! I've formulated the questions myself and anyone is free to use this template for themselves, just be sure to give me credit! If there is anything I haven't answered that you would like to know, ask away.

Read ahead at your own risk Sweating a little... 



Online I go by "Harley", "HarlequinnPaws", or "HP", whichever takes your fancy! 


...27... shhhhh...



Relationship Status

In a relationship, we'll be celebrating our nine-year anniversary this year La la la la 
We're not particularly fussed about getting married, but you never know!

Hair Colour

My natural hair colour is blond, however, it was purple for a good few months and will be going pink soon.

Eye Colour



Yep, I'm practically blind without them I am a dummy! I hate putting things in my eyes so contact lenses are a no-go.  I love my glasses though, they are a bit Clark Kent-ish. The only time I hate them is when I'm wearing a VR headset.



Self-employed; I run and own two businesses Meow :3 


I have a Foundation Degree in Animal Management & Behaviour


Not many, but that suits me just fine.  I'm lucky enough to have two amazing best friends who are more like family than anything else. 


Um... yeah... haha! Do you want the whole list or....? 
I'll summerise this bit for everyone so it doesn't read like an essay X3
I have two dogs, Titch the Yorkshire Terrier and Stella the GSD x Collie x Mix. Then there's my moggy cat, Zebedee.
*breathes in*
Also four snakes, five frogs, three geckos, one chameleon, three tortoises, two water dragons, three monitor lizards, one iguana, one tegu, a colony of cockroaches, a colony of beetles, three giant snails, one parrot, one tropical fish tank, one tenrec, and two tanukis Heart Paw Bullet Black (Outline) - F2U!  


None, and I will never have any (out of mine and my partner's own personal choice plus my crippling phobia of pregnancy).


Countless scars from animal bites and scratches over the years! I have a scar just below my lower lip from a childhood accident where I tripped over and bit clean through the flesh... Nuu and also a scar from a surgery I had when I was 16 to remove a potentially cancerous lump in my breast (trust me, always check your boobs girls!)
When I was a toddler I broke my foot on an escalator when it got stuck between the steps as they were closing.  Apparently, my foot was essentially folded in half Shrug I can't wiggle my toes properly on my right foot but apart from that, there was no lasting damage.


Hogwarts House

Slytherin and proud!

Favourite Doctor

Matt Smith Heart 

Starter Pokemon

Charmander forever Pokeball :fire: 

Vampires or Werewolves?

Also werewolves, no matter what fandom.

I can't think of any other fandom related questions at the moment, so here's a list of some of my other fandoms X3 
Feel free to ask any questions of your own and I will answer!

My Hero Academia, Bloodborne, My Little Pony, Hellsing, Okami, The Witcher, Jurassic Park/World, Overwatch



PS4, although my partner is determined to turn me into a PC gamer.
I also play on my Nintendo Switch from time to time.

Gamer Tag


Currently Playing...

Bouncing between Overwatch, Jurassic World Evolution, and finishing Horizon: Zero Dawn on Ultra Hard New Game+

Favourite Games

Okami, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Slime Rancher, Overwatch, Dishonoured, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon.


Favourite Genre

Rock and metal!

Favourite Artist

Such a tough choice, but I do always come back to Fall Out Boy.
Runners up include System Of A Down, Amaranthe, Powerwolf and Five Finger Death Punch.

Favourite Song

My favourite song ever? Hmm...
Tentative by System Of A Down or Unravel from the Tokyo Ghoul anime.

Currently Listening To...

Black Veil Brides, 3OH!3 (one of my guilty pleasures), and POP/STARS by K/DA (the League of Legends song that's everywhere X3)



Tanuki Heart Heart Heart 


Bullet; Orange Orange Bullet; Orange 


Mars Bars forever! If we're talking proper meals, then I'd have to say scrambled eggs.  Mmm...


Inglourious Basterds, easy peasy! Jurassic Park is a close second though ;) (Wink) 

TV Show

American Horror Story


Michael Fassbender will forever be my celebrity crush Love 


I drive an ex-military Landrover Defender 90! That may not be exciting for some people but it is for me, it's my dream car.  His name is Monty Giggle 

I still live at home with my mum.  This isn't through choice but rather a result of the housing economy around here making it near impossible to purchase property. I'm hoping to be moving out this year, or next year at the absolute latest.

My (tiny) claim to fame is that I once met Sir David Attenborough at a book signing.  I had this whole cliche speech in my head planned out about how much he inspired me to work with animals etc., yet when it was my turn I shook his hand and make this really high pitched squeak because I was so excited and nervous Sad dummy This was then followed up by me saying (still in a high pitched voice) "sorry, I'm just really nervous". Luckily I think he's used to it as he smiled and said that it was ok Sweating a little...   

I've volunteered and done work experience with numerous zoos, and my more memorable experience was working with and training harbour seals at an aquarium.

My favourite place in the world is Scotland, specifically the Scottish Highlands.  I don't live in Scotland (I live in England), but whenever I visit there I feel so happy.  I only visited the Highlands for the first time last year and up until that visit I had never felt so at peace Love 


There you have it, a boatload of information about me! If there is anything you want to know, ask me (I don't bite, I promise Meow :3).


Looking to update my music library, any suggestions? I listen to most genres so fire away! 
Two days late, but Merry Christmas everyone! 
And congratulations on surviving the festive season!!! Nuu I'm on fire!
What did everyone get present-wise? 
Non-Inktober art coming soon, hoping I can find some time to upload some things tomorrow Meow :3 
Inktober 2018 drawings have now all been photographed and will be uploaded shortly (ignore the fact it's now December please X3).
Urrrgg I've been so inactive... So, update! 

~ The remaining Inktober 2018 drawings have been DONE! I just need to photograph and upload them.

~ I have some other pieces ready to upload and some WIP stuff as well.

Basically, I just need to kick myself into gear Shrug  


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