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Foo Fighters Studio 606

By HarlandGirl
This is a tribute to my favourite band, the Foo Fighters. I know the Foo Fighters will never know who I am, or that I exist, but I wanted to make them something as a gift to say thank you for all the joy they've given me.
Foo Fighters have been a big inspiration in my life and helped me get through hard times, as well as giving me a soundtrack for the good.
I hope they continue to create the joy and emotion given to me and many a fan.

Thank you Foo Fighters
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Perfect work man. I was hoping you would get around to making a full picture of the Foo Fighters like this. Looks great with all of the members together even though I have seen some of these drawings before.

I also noticed that you placed their album covers in the background of the pic. That is a very nice touch actually. Not sure about the floor pattern but that is probably a minor complaint. Good job with mics and amps as well.

Overall, good work. I look forward to seeing what you will do with future work as a graphic designer.
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Awensome Job on them, I loved it
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May your work and love of the Foo Fighters last Everlong. :shakefist:
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Thanks! I'm sure it will :)
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We actually have our own recording studio, a beautiful state of the art 8000 square foot warehouse called Studio 606, but rather then making our record there... I thought "Fuck it!", let's do it in my garage :D

Amazing piece of art, I wouldn't have patience to draw two of them plus instruments! I love the background pictures from their album covers, I love the positions the band members are in, I love everything! Keep up the good work and keep on rocking!