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Hi there,

I'm getting ready now for Wonderfest Show.
My plane leaves today and I'll arrive at JFK today at 17 00.
I'm very excited like I use to be every year.

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That's quite cool.…

this is yet a classic…
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Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountians, Shenandoah River.
Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountians, growing like a breeze.
Country roads, take me home to the place, I belong, West Virginia, mountian mamma, take me home, country roads.
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Hey there,

it's been a while since I came up ith new stuff.
I just want you guys to know that I do not photoshopping the pics I take from my Model Kits.
What I do is cutting them, changing acuity to better quality and colour temperature a bit towards cold.
That's it.
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I remember fall 1987, it was the time when I lived in Cheltenham, UK for a couple of months. It was a very good time, had just finished school and not yet inscribed at any university.I went from Germany via Belgique to Calais in my old WV Golf, crossed the channel and arrived into Dover when I picked up two hitchikers, which was my luck, for I would've driven right side on the motorway unless they guided me to the left side.It was nightfall when we arrived London and I'd still some miles to go to Cheltenham. They invited me to stay and hey I wouldn't have expected that. I found british people friendly and helpful. It was a very good time.Call me sentimental but that was the time when I watched Dirty Dancing at the Cinema and I liked it though I would never have admited. But ok... if YOU like to see it I would maybe go to see this  movie again. I did several times.Yes, I feel sorry Patrick Swayze passed away. May he rest in peace. For me he's associated with a very good time in my life.
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Please have a look! Go: Forum - Resin Maniacs Announcements - Wonderfest 2009…

I didn't finish the report yet, so feel free to come back and check it up.

Btw... New York City you must wait. I crossed the City and even visited a shop,
however that's not enough by far. But next time I'll be downtown, I promised myself.
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I've just bought my flight to New York. The plane leaves from Frankfurt, Germany and goes into JFK Airport at Monday, 11th of May.
I paid Euros 378.- which is a real cool price. The officer told me this would be consistence of the financial crisis, I don't know.
I really look forward to meeting my old friend Shane, we've got the plan to visit the Wonderfest in Louisville, Ky. It'll take some hours on the road, but it'll be definitely worth it. It's always a blast to meet all these guys, talking about the hobby, hanging out, having fun.
I'll keep you updated.
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Back from St. Louis I say, it was a blast to meet all the people,
have fun, talk to eachother, it was worth the trip.
To watch some pics, please feel free to click the link below,
it leads to a forum in german language but you can watch the pics though.…
Take a jumbo, cross the water, than you see America
Today I cross the water. I'll arrive at 5:00 pm at St.Louis Airport.
It's a Marriot Hotel so I think I'll be online tonight.
See you all later!
Hey there,
wednesday the 22th of october I'll leave to visit St. Louis, MO for a couple of days. I checked in at the Marriot Airport Hotel, not to far away from down town.
Ok, not only for sight seeing but also for a new show I do the trip. It's Kitbuilders monstrous weekend.…

I look forward to meet some friends and have some great time. I'm sure there're some new great kits I regard as pieces of fine art.
Garage kits are still kinda underground, great portraits of people as well as some really weired and creepy stuff, be it as original art or refering on movies, games or comics.
Wonderfest 2008 is coming soon.
On Juli 18th it all begins with Kitbuilders University. There're two painting and one sculpting class. The last two years I've taken part at beginners and advanced painting class, now it's time to go for sculpting class. I do really look forward to spending some days in the US, meeting some friends and having a great time.
On July 19th opens the dealers room, time to watch what is new and buy kits.
It'll end at Sunday July 20th 6:00 pm.
Only a few days but always a blast that longs for months.
I'll keep you updated.
Look at this!……
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That's awesome, enjoy!





Rock Monster…

Ice Age…
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On 23th or 24th of October I'll have a flight to New York City.
I've never been before in such a big city and you can imagine, I'm very excited!
I will meet my old friend Norbert overthere and we'll stay for a couple of days.
I think, I've got a lot of pics to take and hope to meet some other friends.
It'll be the third trip to the States, it's such a big land but I'm happy to see some parts at least.
I'll keep you updated when I return!
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...back again from Wonderfest 2007, Louisville, Kentucky.
It was an awesome trip! Arrived at Atlanta airport at 22th of May where I was picked up by my old friend Norbert and we made the the whole way up to Greenville, North Carolina. There he lives with his wife Danielle and his new born son Gabriel-Douglas... wait! and a 7 months old beagle, Rocky.
It was so much fun seeing them again. His son looks so cool but rather small yet, only 3 weeks of age than. Later, Danielle had to leave for a little while and the boy started crying so we fed him with the prepared milk she left, no problem... ok, not much later he started crying again and we fed him again. This happened for a third time and we did as we did before... no good idea, I'm afraid!
No problem for me, 'cause I left the appartment to go to the Best Western and had a really quite and peacefull night. Not so Norbert & Danielle, they didn't even sleep more than half an hour the whole night, for the boy was ill! He was puking & $hiting all night long... oh dear, they didn't look really good the next day. Danielle went to the doctor and the doctor said the boy would be fine but had eaten much too much. ...uups :(  my fault, I guess. I told Norbert to feed a bit more... I'm not too familiar with children at such an age, that's right.
Next day was lazy, we did some shopping and I learned the sport shoes I bought in Germany cost less than half the prize in $ what I paid in Euros before... that really hurts.
On Thursday 24th of May we went to Charlotte to pick up Ron who would go with us at Louisville. Danielle decided to stay at home, for the trip would've been very exhausting for the boy, I think she decided well.
We passed Tenessee and Kentucky after leaving North Carolina and arrived at Louisville at about 7 00 pm after 8 hours on the road. We had lot of fun talking, eating burgers and sightseeing these great landscapes. I for myself liked the Smokey Mountains, not only a lyric but also a well describing name for these mountains.
At the Executive West Hotel we met some other guys and there was a big hallo at the hotelbar you can imagine. It was pretty early in the morning when I went at the hotel room in order to getting some sleep.
At eight o' clock painting class begun and guess, I was there at time...
Painting class was great again. Dan "Danno" Cope, Rick Cantu and Joe Dunaway did an excellent job leading through the lessons. I took part last year yet when we painted up a very ugly zombie bust. So this year we improved and got a cyclops bust, not that ugly but more esthetic, sculpted by the very talented Gabe Perner.
After eight hours painting with the airbrush, people were tired but not too tired to meet at the hotel bar again :) After bar's closing the party went on at John's appartment. It was really early in the morning when I found some sleep.
Saturday: Wonderfest's dealer room opened at ten o' clock.
Wow...! look at all these awesome stuff! Figure kits as well as sci-fi vehicles, airbrushs, sculpting materials, tools ...loads of very needfull things.
We shared our table with John from Resin Realities, Dave from Killer Kits (UK) and last not least with Wayne "the Dane" Hanson, a master of his art, a sculptor who did many excellent figure kits.
I picked up some sculpting materials, Aves new stuff "Fixit" and some grey Super Sculpey which is supposed to be harder when baked than the regular is. Both I didn't used yet...
I also picked an awsome girkit "Aviator", which looks definately insane, kind of crazy, it reminds in the Tank Girl not for any similarity but for its attitude.
In the early evening I decided to go jogging... oh no, this was not healthy at all! For I'm not familiar with any nice routes overthere, I went along the streets. I got some CO & CO2 I'm afraid. Good thing was, the beer tasted much better afterwards :)
I will not mention at what time I went sleeping, I'm even not sure anymore what time it was, but it was early. Ja, very early.
Next day, Sunday was great shopping again: two Hellboy busts, a huge one and a small one, a zombie coming out of the grave, sculpted by Wayne "The Dane" Hanson, the Main Man, sculpted by Gabe Perna, Taarna, a fantasy character from Heavy Metal Movie, the Host Monster, sculpted by Joe Dunaway, an awesome Tusken Raider from the Brothers in Resin and some little stuff.
On Sunday I met Mara aka *pimelfmallet who I know from deviantart at the dealers room. And hey!, she's got an award at the Wonderfest contest with her awesome Autumn Fairy, which she sculpted and painted all by herself, I was very impressed indeed by this smart and talented woman. It was a pleasure to meet her!
When the show was over, the party started again.
Did I mention yet, I used to go to bed very early? ...I did.
Monday on the road again: great time napping in the car. We arrived at 8 30 pm at Charlotte, at 11 30 pm at Greenville.
Tuesday went by and Wednesday came quickly. At 16 30 pm the flight from Atlanta to Frankfurt was supposed to leave, but it didn't there were 3 hours delay...
When I arrived in Frankfurt at 11 30 am I was a little bit tired, I admit.
I suffered jet lag the next days but it's getting better now...
All in all it was worth it and I'll get back next year at Wonderfest.
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I remember well my first trip to the United States, one year ago now: I had the idea to visit the Wonderfest, Louisville, Kentucky.
It was so exciting meeting all these great people I knew via www!
Just what is the Wonderfest? It is a must for all people who love building, sculpting and painting figure kits and sci-fi vehicles.
It's a place were you can meet the great painters and sculpters as well as companies selling there kits. Crazy people and smart guys, actresses and actors, families and big boys...
I did spend only three days over there, but it was worth the trip!
This year I booked a flight at Atlanta at 22nd of May. I'll spend a couple of days over there and I'm VERY excited. At 25th of May I'll take part at "Wonderfest University Painting Class" and I'm reall curious what techniques will be shown.
Best thing is, I've to spent some hours on the highways and so I'll see a little bit of this amazing land.