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Get back.. by Harken-My-Love Get back.. :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 1 0 Orchid:Uncolored by Harken-My-Love Orchid:Uncolored :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 0 0 A Ram by Harken-My-Love A Ram :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 0 0
One of the Big Boys Now
Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, or it's characters in anyway.
It was an unusually quiet day in The World That Never Was. Zexion sat, curled up, with a good book, in his favorite arm chair.
His peace was disturbed when laughter and obnoxious talking echoed through the library.
Being a curious the creature that he was, Zexion cautiously entered the hallway. He looked for the source of the sound. Sure enough Luxord and a few others were celebrating. Lurxord was throwing one of his 'special' drinking parties.
The Cloaked Schemer approached the reeling group of nobodies.
"Can I join you?" Zexion asked shyly.  
Luxord sputtered in response, "No way, you'll cramp our style, besides your not old enough to drink."
"He wouldn't be able to keep the stuff down anyways." Xaldin added. With that the group laughed in his face and continued to parade down the hall.
Zexion huffed. What they had said gotten under his skin. Just because he was younger than them did not mean he couldn't
:iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 9 2
Is He Drunk? by Harken-My-Love Is He Drunk? :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 5 2 Let Me Go by Harken-My-Love Let Me Go :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 0 6
The Dance and The Dress:KH fic
For XemXellCri , This is for you Hon, hope you like it!
Disclaimer: I do not own the Kingdom Hearts characters in anyway. Now onto the story!
He descended the stairs gracefully. Almost all eyes were on him. But none of these people mattered to him he was looking for a certain pink haired man.  
"Marluxia, where could you be?" Zexion mumbled to himself ,as he passed a group of snide snickering ladies. Through his telepathic abilities he could hear them making nasty comments about him. With a flick of his wrist he sent a bowl of punch toppling over their skirts. The ladies began complaining over their ruined dresses. Zexion laughed and relished in the revenge, but only for a short time.
He deftly waved through the tightly packed crowd.  Constantly pulling up the black lace gloves on his slender arms.
"I don't know why Marluxia insisted I wear a dress for this mission. I could have blended in well enough with a tuxedo." He thought as he fussed with the robin's egg blue
:iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 0 0
Mr. Cutie by Harken-My-Love Mr. Cutie :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 0 5
Trio of Hearts: KH FF
Summary: The trio is trapped in a maze. Who is behind this? Will they be able to save one another in time? Hints of Lex/Zex.
Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or it's characters.
A/N: The little () symbols serve as a switch in perspective. Hope you all enjoy. :D
"This is one sick game someone is playing with us," he thought. Panting as he ran from the shadows cumulating behind him in a large clump. Violet hair tickled his eyes as he turned sharply to the right.  
Only moments ago he, Vexen and Lexeaus were readying themselves for a mission. Without warning they were taken away by the darkness.
Suddenly he came to a shrieking halt. Dead end.
The Chilly Academic was passing by a sparkling stone fountain when ….wait a moment mazes typically don't have fountains.
"What kind of place is this?' Vexen's train of thought was interrupted by a piercing shriek.  
Vexen ran, secretly hoping that none of his friends were injured. Just as he took a moment to catch h
:iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 2 12
Starlight Star bright by Harken-My-Love Starlight Star bright :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 1 2 Skyscraper City by Harken-My-Love Skyscraper City :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 0 1
Realization: XehanortXIenzo
Ienzo dreaded colds they always blocked out the ability to smell, and Ienzo hated that more than anything else. He constantly used his nose to identify certain chemicals, but more importantly he could use it to tell who was about the enter the very room he would be in at that particular moment.
For each apprentice he had a sent which he associated with them. For Elaeus it was grass and dirt, for Even it was a mixture of various chemicals, for Dilan is was a verity of spices, For Braig it was dirty socks, For Master Ansem it was sea-salt ice cream, but as for Xehanort, Ienzo could not pinpoint any certain sent to go along with him. After all Xehanort was fairly new to the castle, perhaps all Ienzo needed was to, well, spend a little more time with him. And that’s just what Ienzo got. Xehanort had willingly volunteered to look after him for the day.
Master Ansem was taking a trip to a spiritual youth conference in a place farther off in Radiant Garden and decided to take everyone. E
:iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 1 17
Seimei icon by Harken-My-Love Seimei icon :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 0 4 Escher Collage by Harken-My-Love Escher Collage :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 1 0 Roses Not so Red by Harken-My-Love Roses Not so Red :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 0 2 Seimei is scary by Harken-My-Love Seimei is scary :iconharken-my-love:Harken-My-Love 16 18


Getting there... by moni158 Getting there... :iconmoni158:moni158 10,579 631 Rainbow Burst Wolf (on Ebay) by Lucky978 Rainbow Burst Wolf (on Ebay) :iconlucky978:Lucky978 4,541 289 What Nightmares Fear by LynxGriffin What Nightmares Fear :iconlynxgriffin:LynxGriffin 318 36
Return To Toontown Part 5
Chapter Five: A New Beginning
The four weasels rushed towards their leader, amazed to see him standing before them once again.
Stupid shouted with glee. "Boss, you're alive!"
"What are you all squawking about? I'm fine…" he began, climbing down from the rostrum camera. All of a sudden, the memories flashed before his eyes, and he remembered the fateful events of that night.
"Valiant! Where is he?" he reached into his coat pocket for a gun that wasn't there. Greasy ran forward. "Cool it, boss, that's all over now."
"What do you mean?" Smart Ass shouted. "Toontown faces certain 'reduction' at Doom's hands, and we need to make sure that nothing gets in his way, especially not us."
Greasy walked over to his boss.
"Doom's dead." Greasy said.
Smart Ass looked as if he'd been punched in the gut. "What?"
"Valiant got the slip on him, and he was melted with his own dip," he affirmed. Although Greasy had perished by the time Doom had met his end, that hadn't stopped him and the other weasel
:iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 14 10
KingdomHeartsXRogerRabbit by mikmix KingdomHeartsXRogerRabbit :iconmikmix:mikmix 969 324 Suicune Hunt by PokeShoppe Suicune Hunt :iconpokeshoppe:PokeShoppe 483 87 Haibane Renmei by CerridwenDoll Haibane Renmei :iconcerridwendoll:CerridwenDoll 27 8 Doujin Process by kuro-mai Doujin Process :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 2,845 338 Laughing by gamemastertom Laughing :icongamemastertom:gamemastertom 1,300 208
Darkness and Destiny
Kairi knew that walking around at night wasn't the best idea, especially now that she was in a world utterly infested by Heartless. Since Sora and Riku had left for a second time, she had been able to feel darkness slowly filtering into the world again. She didn't know how, she didn't know why, but it was there. Thick and palpable, almost like the humidity in the air, it clung to her skin and made her feel sick. But there was no escaping from it. Sora and Riku had left her alone on the islands, to fend for herself. She walked down the familiar sandy path to the beach, pulling her jacket tighter around her shoulders. It wasn't cold, but it made her feel safer - even if it was just an illusion.
In reality, the Princess didn't know why she was doing something so...stupid. The night was silent, the hiss of the ocean aside. It was the middle of summer and yet, there were no crickets chirping in the thick island grass. It almost seemed that the stars themselves were veiled. But
:iconstars-shinebright:stars-shinebright 10 25
25 Essential Expressions by napalmnacey 25 Essential Expressions :iconnapalmnacey:napalmnacey 41,627 3,884 Abysmal Darkness by Kairek Abysmal Darkness :iconkairek:Kairek 420 69 Ienzo by Nightrizer Ienzo :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 641 62 AkuRoku TLK'D by Ligers-mane AkuRoku TLK'D :iconligers-mane:Ligers-mane 160 84 What's this? by IsisMasshiro What's this? :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 4,066 1,017



Can't use Photoshop! XD
United States
Current Residence: Someplace wonderful, :D
Favourite style of art: I Can't Chose!!!!!!!!!DX
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Shell of choice: Hermit
Favourite cartoon character: The organization, Riku, Yuna, Wander
Personal Quote: Love yorself, so that in turn others may love you
I entered my first contest here on deviantart. I'm excited. All of the entries look good. I hope that anyone who sees my journal will vote here's a link to it. :D

We shall see how I did. I have posted my entry on as well. Please check it out!! :D It is called "Trio of Hearts". A Kingdom Hearts FanFic.

I just had my wisdom teeth pulled when I wrote my entry. ;_; it was a nice distraction from the pain. Let's hope I can chew again soon.

Goodbye to all and Fudderwakken. XD

I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland to come out on Dvd.
  • Watching: Tim burton's Alice in Wonderland clips
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