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Old Man

Portrait study based on this beautiful picture, by the photographer Victor Affaro.
As always (well, always since a relatively short time, but always still ^^), the step-by-step can be found in my scraps, here.
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it's nice of you to say so, but I really don't deserve any credit here: the picture I used as reference is amazing!
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Any credit? You deserve atleast half ☺
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Sure, I can be credited for the brushwork and some small color/value choices (as well as some mistakes), but the beautiful large-scale values and composition were already there in the reference photo... and in my opinion at least, they're responsible for the strength of this picture.

Sorry, I should probably have gone with a more conventional "thank you" instead of bothering you with this kind of answer :) Since you're a portraitist yourself, you certainly know as well as I do just how much a great model or photo helps a painting... but I'm kind of obsessed with honesty in art, and I feel really bad whenever I get credited for the work of others...
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Absolutely! Without honesty art is corrupt business 😊
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Very well made <3
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The look of wisdom itself!
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Maybe... Or maybe he's thinking about what he'd like to have for dinner, we'll never know :)
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It also takes great wisdom to find an answer for that ;>
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Nice portrait!!! 
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This is amazing!! I love it
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Thank you! The reference picture was really great :)
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I love the texture and details in this painting :3
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thank you very much!
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The details are incredible :love:
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