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(yet another Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell fan art!)

I bought myself Susanna Clarke's other book, The Ladies of Grace-Adieu for Christmas, and it was great to visit her universe again :) I really wanted to draw some of her magical, creepy creatures, so here's a moss-oak! Well, it doesn't exactly look like the wet, mossy wood log it's supposed to be, but... it's artistic interpretation, I guess :D

The step-by-step process can be found here, in my scrapbook.
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Those branches on the head... on the first look I've thought that this creature is some kind of jester!
Grotesque work... still... very well done!
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To be honest, I didn't think of a jester at all when painting her, but now I can't unsee it ^^
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Imagination can go in a strange yet funny ways! :) (Smile) 
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I'm just that evil.
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Amazing! I love the colors, the way it flows, the body language, everything.
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Thank you very much! Her body probably says something in the lines of "I'm stuck in that position forever... I hate you, Earlinwe!" :D
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Et comme le disait jadis un grand homme (70cm) : puisse ton yack être toujours sale.
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Etrange et superbe transformation :)
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Merci, je suis heureuse qu'elle te plaise ^^
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Splendid work!
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You are an artist, your drawings are great, you are very artistic, you have artist blood
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You... you just discovered my secret... I'm an art vampire. I drink artist's blood for lunch. Please don't tell anyone :D
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I looove your art. :clap:
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Thank you very much! :badteethhug: 
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