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Harkale-Linai's Profile Picture
Harkalé Linaï
Artist | Digital Art
e-mail: earlinwe (at) gmail (dot) com


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Harkalé Linaï. The legend says that her parents chose her name by picking Scrabble letters, arranging them until it sounded pronounceable enough. But the legend says a lot of stupid things too, in the lines of "fairies exist", "the princess slept for a hundred years" or "the Earth is flat, and the planets are actually big crunchy cheese-flavoured snacks" so you shouldn't trust it too much. I mean, the part about planets is obviously true, but the rest is debatable.

Anyway, back to Harkalé. She is, and has always been, a very dedicated artist. At the young age of 3, she painted her first masterpiece: within a night, she redecorated the wallpaper of her bedroom with very lifelike figures. Of course, some of them had three legs or thirty fingers, but Harkalé lived close to a nuclear power plant, so it kind of made sense.

When she turned six, she went to "school", a special place where they gave her lots of paper to draw on. There, she learned very useful skills: how to fit the characters she drew in margins, for instance. Or math: if Tom has fifteen fingers on each of his three hands, how many fingers does he have? Harkalé Linaï was a very smart child. At the age of eleven, she was already a collège student! Oh, some people may pretend that "collège" is the French equivalent of Middle/Secondary School, but don't believe them, they're simply jealous.

She then turned eighteen, and discovered that her dream job (time-travelling-space-ninja-wizard-painter-archaeologist) was actually no a possible job choice at all. So instead she studied science, which clearly was closest to the "wizard" part of her career plans. And she still had a lot of margins to draw imaginary people in. Then she started her Ph.D., which involved a lot of science (which was great) and a lot less margins (not so great). So she created a DeviantArt account instead!

After that... Well, she discovered time travel, trained as a ninja, and settled on Mars. But she still needs 20-sided dice to cast spells, and she mostly practices archaeology in Uldum... Nobody's perfect!

That's all for today's story, time to go to bed, Tommy! Don't forget to brush your two rows of teeth!


Exercices de Style - 5
My "Exercices de Style" series is back (maybe) \o/

If you have no idea what I'm talking about: I'm working on a series of portraits of my sister, all based on the same reference photo. My goal is to try different techniques, workflows and styles... and to have fun exploring them :) This one was drawn traditionally, using sanguine and white chalk on toned paper.


Useful links:
ArtStation --- Instagram --- Redbubble shop --- Commission and freelance info
Portrait (commission)
This private commission was a nice opportunity to revisit the painting style and colors I used for my self-portrait, a while ago... I very much enjoyed suggesting the textures of their clothes, without actually painting every single detail. Painting with random, abstract brushstrokes is always interesting!


Useful links:
ArtStation --- Instagram --- Redbubble shop --- Commission and freelance info
I recently realised I hadn't featured other artists in a looong time... But I'm happy to announce that the "Unique Style" features are back! I hope they still look good for people using the new "Eclipse" version of DA... The goal is to showcase five different artists, who all have interesting and original styles. If you would like to discover the previously-featured artists, please check my other journals.

That being said, let's jump to the interesting part!

Thief (and her pet) by ArtOfKoR      Bonnet by ArtOfKoR      The Bridge by ArtOfKoR

ArtOfKoR creates amazing digital drawings of fantasy characters, with a great traditional feeling... The amound of detail she puts in her work is impressive, and the colours are lovely! Seeing her art makes me feel like I'm discovering the daily life of people living in a different world, the stories that aren't told in epic fantasy novels... Of course, the fact that she draws a lot of orc girls only makes her artworks more enjoyable!

Blue Witch by ArtOfKoR

The Popcycle Knight by Eyardt      Mama Cosmos by Eyardt      The Floating Sisters by Eyardt

Eyardt is another great fantasy painter, known for his illustrations and character designs... But I'd like to focus on his recent personal, shape exploration paintings. He starts with geometrical shapes (triangles, circles,...) or abstract ones (a piece of play-doh, a child's scribbles), and creates characters using these elements. The result is beautiful, poetic, melancholic... or in other words, amazing.

Father and Daughter by Eyardt

Lelianna1 by gewska      Defender by gewska      Girl2 by gewska

gewska's artworks evolved over the past few years towards this very graphic, punchy style, with nice compositions, a strong lineart, and beautiful colours... The shapes she creates are very interesting, too. I look forward to witnessing the evolution of her style in the next few years!

Ellana Character Design by gewska

Woodland Youth Year III by Tvonn9      Drawtober - Watery Grave by Tvonn9      Drawtober - Creepy Crawlers by Tvonn9

Tvonn9 mainly works traditionally, in pencil on paper. His creations are amazing, so intricate and elegant! I love how everything in his compositions works in harmony, bound together by these flowing, organic lines...

Blind Confidence by Tvonn9

Impressionistic Forest by Hangmoon      Girl with bouquet by Hangmoon      Mosaic 1 by Hangmoon

Hangmoon is a digital painter and illustrator who works in an impressionist style, using beautiful colours and brushstrokes to create dreamlike pictures... But the coolest part is that he created these artworks using his very own painting software, Paintstorm Studio. And that's probably the ultimate level of artistic awesomeness ^^

Girl with white horse by Hangmoon

That's all for this feature, I hope you enjoyed it! Don't hesitate to look at these artists' DA galleries, they're full of amazing works... and don't hesitate to share the names of other artists working in beautiful, unique styles, too :)
44 deviations
Return of the Dinomancer: now with 100% more tusk!
You may remember this World of Warcraft fan art I painted in december 2017... Back then, I was really hyped by the Zandalari trolls, even though I didn't really know what they were supposed to look like (turns out, they have a greyer skin tone, bigger tusks and blue eyes). Over the months, I discovered more and more flaws and imperfections in that painting, but I still like the colour palette and composition very much...

So, I decided to edit the painting to fix these mistakes, but what I initially had in mind (give the troll lady bigger tusks and a better dress) led me to make many other changes... To the point where basically 95% of the original work was repainted. So instead of ninja-editing the original deviation, I submitted it again! That way, you're able to play "spot the N differences" between the previous version and this one ;)


Useful links:
ArtStation --- Instagram --- Redbubble shop --- Commission and freelance info


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