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Future May
An Elegy to Future May
When I gazed upon the looking glass
I saw all things that will come to pass,
Myself, I see you and you see me.
I only hope you've no regrets
Of who you were [I am] and what you are
----what I will be in years to come ----
I see the sun is setting for you:
Eyes sparkle though cheeks droop,
The head is crowned with gray tufts
----clouds in the sky on a rainy day ----
The mind is filled with mem'ries and noble thoughts,
The heart is rolled and scratched, a ball of red wax
Played infinitely by a child lost.
Your candlestick fingers gnarled from work,
I admire you, my dear woman-self,
For no love's labour ever was lost.
I looked into the looking glass,
Looked so much deeper than what I thought.
I write from the past,
Speak of things I see and saw.
Life is a Mystery, is it not?
We know it,
Past, Present, Future ---- I.
Life is Wonderful and we're given a lot.
Have no shame in dire old age,
You've done your all and missed no page
From the book that Fates decreed.
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 0 0
Candle Fingers
It begins as it always does
with me being in love filled
with nebulous dreams and
always wanting to rip out
of whatever it is that is
holding back, binding me.
I dream
of your candle fingers,
smooth, slender and fair.
Your waxen face that makes
you look dead in photographs.
No one is to blame, I say.
"No-one is to blame", you say,
"that No-one who said she'll
love me for-ever and ever"
I dream of your candle fingers
holding, cradling me,
caressing my face as
we kiss to infinity.
No better way to spend my life
than kissing you for-ever.
We will live this meaninglessness
in a snow globe, undaunting,
unchanged, oblivious.
Our impracticality unforgiving,
we will close our fists
and give them figs,
those who say that we will
go nowhere.
(My passion is a fire that will melt you,
That is what I'm saying.)
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 2 1
tea elle
to me true love is
when he can convince me
to ride a roller coaster
because I'm afraid of them,
to ride them means that
I can face my fears,
made strong by him.
real love is when
he can make me eat
green leafy vegetables
because I don't and
to eat them would mean that
I might be changing for good;
he'll teach me how to ride a bicycle,
create belated childhood memories
with me
and catch me when I fall
off the bike.
I know for sure that it is
meant to be,
true love,
real love and so much more
when he isn't able to do any
of the aforementioned
but we Love each other anyway.
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 0 0
My dear
your smile warms my heart
your words are blood
that runs through my veins
giving me life
your kisses light up my brain
you, my love, make me alive
I reach the highest heights
when I am cradled in your arms.
take you away
and I am nothing but
dead machinery.
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 5 6
Cat Crazy
It was never meant to happen, Jake Gatdula told himself as he stood there helplessly watching Francesca "Kikay" Ortiz and Paulo "Paula" Heredia fight and argue. They were at the quadrangle, their voices rose around the school grounds and a sizeable crowd of high school students were gathered around them. They spoke warily, some maliciously speculating what the fuss was about between those two who were arguing. Jake besides being helpless, was confused because Kikay and Paula's words were now nothing but distorted sounds with a few insults and accusations thrown here and there. All Jake wanted to know was what the love notes were for and why they were sending it anonymously; it already seemed too childish for him and there was nothing wrong with liking someone. The answer to the 'why' was obvious enough, at least Kikay or Paula had a crush on him and if that were so, he didn't mind, all he wanted to know then was why they hadn't just come up to him. But even that wasn't ea
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 0 6
a memory missing
a missing memory
the sun sets, the walls of the room
are bathed in shadows.
the sprawling branches of a tree,
the tree outside my window,
its leaves trembling in the wind,
I watch them for a while.
I look out of the window,
I see the same thing,
an old tree, its dead brown leaves
trembling, they are falling off and
behind them is the sunset,
lovely pink and orange and indigo.
something pretty happens while we are all dying.  
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 0 0
Bird in the Blue Dusk
To my nephew, Magnus Amadeo
A lone bird sits on
The telephone wire,
In the sad blue dusk,
As we walk together,
You resting in my arms.
You were colicky that day,
You always were, you know.
And as if it were my calling,
I took you into my arms and
Walked you around the street
All the men and women greet
Us; they thought I was your mother.
The wind blew gently and oh,
It was lovely; I couldn't deny
That it was a day in which
Other days could count upon.
Your eyes were limpid pools, stellar
Almost magical in their innocence,
Something I would want to keep in me.
And you looked up to the sky,
Raised your arms and pointed up,
Saying: "Buh-- buh-- buh--"
I knew what it was: "Bird"
But it wasn't your time yet to say words.
The wind blew gently,
The huge acacia rustled its leaves
In answer to you:
"Hel-lo, Hel-lo..."
Hello, little boy.
A lone bird sits on the telephone wire,
It takes flight into the sad blue dusk,
It was always sad and
There was no other way to look at it
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 2 2
Because I'm In Love...
Walking Like a Dream
Silver moon, a somnambulist's song,
I lie in bed but my spirit is away,
Longing to be where you are.
Yearning makes me miserable,
For I yearn to make true what is false,
And long to keep it within my breast
When all is but ephemeral and fleeting.
You look like a cracked messiah,
But love - that damned demon love makes me
See you as if you were walking like a dream.
When you turn to look at me,
I can only hope that it is with affection
That you see me.
When you turn to walk -- not away,
I hold the hope that you will stay,
Wait and see what comes our way.
For the road that a lover takes
Is not a road that leisure makes,
It takes away intentions we hold most sincere.
Your heart must belong to someone else. It might
Never be righteously mine and I, like poor Dido,
Might die from the cruel hands of an unhappy affair.
I might die not in body but in spirit,
Then my misery will be complete.
To preserve what is left of me,
My spirit lies steadfast within this
Slumbering bod
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 1 2
Christina's Funeral 3
Richard looked at himself in front of the old mirror in his room. He was wearing his suit for the wedding. Not much could be done with his appearance if at all he should appear as himself, as Christina's groom. Himself, he thought about it for a while, what it really was and he decided that he had no idea about its meaning and whether it would change anything between him and Christina. It seemed that with all the fussing, his mother bothering over things that he did not care for, his father trailing behind his mother pretending to fuss over too- that more than being an honest ceremony, a wedding was one event where one had to exert the most effort to keep appearances. Even his Uncle Dado, who was the family drunkard, had to be kept off the gin just so they could be "at peace" all together. Richard personally didn't care if Uncle Dado was lying on the floor of the church, his knees bent-up and a bottle of Gran Matador in his hand, telling his brother, by any means, to leave him a
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Christina's Funeral 2
The truth was that Christina and, her fiancé, Richard's courtship and subsequent relationship were not something that they deliberately willed to happen; it wasn't the hands of Fate or some other force of nature that brought them together. It was willed by their parents, who both ran lucrative businesses in the form of travel agencies and real estate and thought that a solid bond such as a wedding would mean more money for both families.  Richard, having his parents in mind, taught himself to like Christina, while Christina, having no other choice on the matter, went with the flow and learned to like Richard in turn.
And finally, there came a time when both their parents hinted at the necessity of marriage.
Christina thought about their relationship for the past years, which, if she was allowed to give form through words would come out in the form of "It's okay." And her heart sank; she was in the car with the Mom and the Dad on either side of her and they were on their
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 0 3
Christina's Funeral
The cockroach had grown into the size of a human being.
And though Christina saw in detail every 'hair' on its leg, the lines of its body and the brown of the wings, she did not feel afraid. And why should she be afraid when the cockroach sat politely before her and spoke more civilly than anyone she had met so far in her young life?
"May I stay here for a while?" Christina asked. She realized that she liked very much the place she was in; it was a cozy tea-room with plush rugs the warm shade of peach, charming scenery paintings on the walls, lacey table covers (in fact, the whole place seemed to be dripping with lace) and sunlight streaming from the window in long parallelograms of light. Outside the cottage stood on a clearing and beyond it, seen from the window, was a lush forest, something that Christina, a city-dweller, never had the privilege to be in close proximity to. The cockroach had it good.
"Of course not, dear. You have to face it one way or another. There's no going abou
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 2 11
In the Middle of the Sea by Hariraya In the Middle of the Sea :iconhariraya:Hariraya 0 0
A character sketch by Zeny May Dy Recidoro
"You played the bass for long?" The Generic Man asked me, thought I wasn't so keen on talking to him. Cigarette smoke from some hundred indie mouths saturated the room, along with the smell of alcohol and the crashing noise of talking people. This made me dizzy and produced a little buzz in my brain.
"No" I answered sharply, refusing to look at him as he stood beside me while I leaned my back casually on the wall.
"You know, you have talent kid" he pushed "I can make you- "
"No thanks, mister" I cut him off. I knew what was coming. A proposal of sorts, promises of rock-stardom and it all ends with me in an unglamorous and chilly alleyway behind some sleazy nightclub in Timog Avenue, waiting 'til midnight for my four pathetic minutes of fame.
And as predicted, The Generic Man drifted away, perhaps searching for some naïve girl-one stupid enough and skanky enough to actually believe his bargains and become his next rape and alleyway fa
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 3 0
Behind His Shadow
When Dante had left and Michael had seen him off (not speaking and acting very little to Rachel's disappointment), the first piece of news that reached Rachel for that morning was from Mrs. Go, a fair skinned buxom woman who panted constantly as her largeness always had her catching breath.
"There's  a new neighbor" Mrs. Go said after they had done their greetings and had settled inside Rachel's house.
"Who is it?"
"A doctor. Doctor Ophelia Immanuel. And I heard from my amigas that she's a well-known child psychiatrist from Manila. I'm not implying but," Mrs. Go added with a little caution "but maybe you could bring Michael to her. With a visit first, so we could know if she's a good one." Rachel smiled; a common saying she often heard from the women of her town was that children with 'differences' brought luck to their parents and the home. It was all meant for consolation, of course, and even then Rachel believed that every child deserved all the love and attention of their
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 0 9
I don't know a lot
To be honest, honey
I don't know which way to go
If I should write from the heart
Or from the mind
Where they say
A separate universe lies.
I do imagine
What it would be like
To write from both
The heart and the mind
What kind of force
Would it posses?
O, the possibilities
The measure of my powers
Frightens and excites me
Like a child discovering
What the world is like and
Hoping that disillusionment
Would never come.
I guess we all get that feeling
Of something utterly
Incredible at the tip of our fingers,
Trying vainly to grasp it
Only to lose it to
The freak accident
Called Life.
:iconhariraya:Hariraya 2 3
Experiment 1 by Hariraya Experiment 1 :iconhariraya:Hariraya 0 0


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I'm Zeny May. The about to be 19- year old charming nerd-girl from the Philippines. In general, I'm just a normal kid attending college and vowing to finish with a degree.

Current Residence: Diliman, Quezon City Philippines
Favourite genre of music: Classical, Modern stuff
Wallpaper of choice: kitty
My last entry was bitter, I just noticed.

Was having a hard time back then. So many doubts about myself and if I'm really worth anything other than a lazy, worthless pile of flowers.

Right now, I'm on a state of peace. Or apathy. Which is kind of bad, really [the apathy, I mean].

Find the news of Limewire [file sharing] being shut-down and this Mid-West American Mom who was fined 1.5 million dollars for downloading and sharing 47 songs amusing and sad.

Never has anyone seen a moment in History where Sharing, a once important value to human beings, has become illegal. Is now illegal.

Brought about by the rise of individualism and capitalism.

Okay, will shut up now. I might end up in jail.

[ta-ta for now]



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