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Fluttershy didn't even bother with getting a merform: that's how passionate she is about the subject. :p

Remember! As a general rule, turtles (the ones with the webbed feet or flippers, for swimming) live in the water, whereas tortoises (with the ploddy, definitely-not-for-water legs) are one of the only things that can't swim. There's this song/vid, too!

"You get sea turtles, not sea tortoises."

EDIT: Okay, in American English it's acceptable to call all testudines 'turtles' (and in Australia they call some freshwater turtles 'tortoises'), but what I said holds true for British English and all English-speakers can agree that sea turtles aren't tortoises! :p
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Then how is she breathing?! XD
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Through pure indignation! =p
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Guess that makes sense. XD
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(Did this get posted somewhere? Went away for a few days and came back to 2 new comments! Not that it's a bad thing - just curious. :))
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Someone else found it I guess. XD
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Politically Correct Fluttershy. :XD:
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Taxonomically correct, maybe? :p Pedantic at any rate!
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Well now that's just silly :D.
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the distinction is that tortoises are a type of land turtle
But not all turtles are tortoises.
and while Fluttershy was correct that Tank is a tortoise
Rainbow Dash and the others were also correct in calling tank a turtle.
as Turtle is the common name for all animals within the Order Testudines.
in this example Scootaloo, would be entirely incorrect in calling a sea turtle a tortoise.
And Fluttershy is entirely correct in getting mad, and correcting poor Scootaloo.
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In America, 'turtle' is a general term for everything in the species group, but not in the UK. Apparently calling freshwater turtles 'tortoises' is a thing in Australia. :shrug: I think it just adds confusion, though (already get enough of people thinking the common names for the animal groups tell you the species of all the animals within the group even though that's not the case, e.g. foxes are not dogs despite being in Canidae, the 'dog family').

At least everyone can agree that sea turtles aren't tortoises! =p
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> Apparently calling freshwater turtles 'tortoises' is a thing in Australia.

It is? I guess I'm out of the loop.

I mean, I heard remember hearing that scientifically it's not entirely straight forward, but that's OK. I'm perfectly happy with using common names ^^.
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GASP, you're one of THEM! :omfg:

Just kidding, guess Wikipedia's a tad misinformed? Their prehistoric mammal articles include Sherlock fanart, so it wouldn't be a big shock! ^^;
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In the US(or at least where I live) 'it depends on the shell'. If the shell is very hard its a turtle. If its of the softer variety its a tortoise.
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GEEZ! Flutters! Calm down! :noes:

Fluttershy gets mad Disgusting Scootaloo

...Careful, or Scootaloo might need to see a sea t...herapist. ^^;
It made more sense in my head
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Shellmund Freud? I've got nothing. :p
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Don't forget about the terrapins!
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Never! :) We interchangeably call them turtles in the UK, though (but recognise them as separate from other turtles, including other freshwater turtles like mud and snapping turtles).

This is quite the lesson in language though, since US English can call all testudines 'turtles', UK English differentiates turtles from tortoises, and Australians call some turtles 'tortoises' too. :p
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The confusion is real, but nonetheless I trust the UK in this one.
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That's what I said during my first reaction!!
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That bit of the lyrics probably annoyed me more than it should have! ^^;
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