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Silli Hoss What Do #2 - Cabbage

Most people aren't sure where to go with a series after the main character has won at space, but for the SHWD comics the path was clear.

(You can headcanon that Derpy is using her space god powers if you like, but I'll be honest: I'm not making continuity a priority for these!)
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Somehow, the words "silli hoss" are adorable.
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:iconmycabbagesplz: "My cabbages! My cabbages! Why won't anyone think of the cabbages?!"
:iconhappyderpyplz: "I will!"
:iconcabbagemanplz: "Thank you! A thousand times thank you!!!"
:iconderpyhappyplz: "You're welcome, Mister Nice-Cabbage-Person!"
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Heehee, defender of the cabbages! :D
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This is not sensible. But it is hilarious, so y'know, it evens out.

EDIT: I knew I should read previous comments before posting mine, just to make sure no one has already said it ...... oh well, I stand by it.
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Yeah, I can see her being the Queen of Cabbages. ESPECIALLY her. =P
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what do? -> do what?
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"Silli Hoss What Do?" -> "Greetings, ridiculous yet endearing equine beast, what is it that you are up to on this fine day?"
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Nobody made that reference yet, so I had to.
<3 the Derpy :)
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Someone sneakily made with an image earlier, but I had to Google it then, so I get the reference this time! :)
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Yes! This is now a series! The BEST series!
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Haha, I hope it stays good for you!
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Oh, hoss. U so silli! :iconohyouplz:
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Such a silly hoss.
Unreasonably charming.
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Hee, thank you! :D
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You're welcome! :)
Oh, Silli Hoss. That is not how you cabbage.

Here's hoping for much more silliness to come.
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