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My Little Jovis

This is a pony of Jovis from Dofus, Livre 1: Julith, a stunning film that I was absolutely blown away by a few days ago. He's also got a series, so I guess I've got more cartoons to watch for a while! :D

Congrats to :iconc-chell: who IDed him first, prize image here:… Thank you for taking part! :)
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Woo! :D I still really like how this one came out and wish Dofus was better known in the UK!
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To make a joke, I can say : "He's can be my wakfu" :D
It's Maitre Joris, I think.
For French people, it's too easy.
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Haha, you're right! :D

And I only heard about the film recently and watched a few days ago and MY GOODNESS that is some stunning animation! :omfg: Loved the setting, too, so definitely going to watch the series sometime. :)

Krazylec said they'd worked it out but didn't name them, so I'm guessing they're doing the same as Kahas and letting someone else take the free art prize? Means it's yours, so Note me on which character (OC or canon) you'd like drawn or vectored!
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The Ankama studio is very good for the story, the arts and the animations.
I have seen whole Wakfu video (all seasons and short story) and the Dofus film.

I can't play Dofus and Wakfu games this type of game are very time consuming and I have not enough of it to manage my website, so playing game is the last thing I do.
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I'm really looking forward to the series! :D

And same on the games, which I'm pretty sure I looked at before a year or so ago and came to the same 'I don't have time for this' conclusion. :p
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Exactly: I have no problem with leaving the prize to someone else, I wouldn't have known what to ask for!

Congrats, C-Chell!
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Found it! I didn't have a clue at first, but kahas's comment made it easy!
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Haha, guest clue from kahas! :p So are you going to name it and take the prize?
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No clue, but cute nonetheless. At first I thought maybe a Final Fantasy (or similar game) character, but I don't know.
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Thanks, I think this one came out well! :)

And they do resemble the Black Mages, but it's Jovis from the Dofus series + amazing film
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Never would have guessed (and even Google took a few tries). I will have to check it out:… (Maybe use AdBlock for that one; I've been warned that some of the ads could be questionable and/or dangerous.)
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I'm french, so it's a bit easy !

I'll let someone else take the prize (+ I get no imagination when it comes to which character I would like :) )
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That's nice of you, though you could always pass it onto a friend if you know anyone who wants more pony art?

I'm glad it's recognisable, at least! :D
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