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Edit: Got onto Equestria Daily! Glad people like it so much! :D

Inspired by a conversation with :iconunlikeablepony: who suggested that Wind Rider being related to Lightning Dust would have given him much better motivation in Rarity Investigates!.

To be honest, while Lightning Dust struck me as something of a sociopath, I always felt that Spitfire was the one most at fault in Wonderbolts Academy because she was the authority figure who repeatedly encouraged and rewarded Dust's actions. :o That whole ep was pretty weird, too. Why was the Captain of the Wonderbolts so easily impressed by reckless behaviour? And how does a team specialising in synchronised sports know so little about teamwork? This is how you got the nickname "Spitefire" from me, Spitfire! :p

(The comic's text is messy, I know! Thought it would look better. May fix it to typed stuff tomorrow... :hmm: Also, I'm disappointed by the lack of sound effects for crying in English!)

"My dear little firefly": Lightning Dust flies fast, has fiery hair, fireflies are also known as "lightning bugs", AND it's a reference to the Wonderbolts' founder (a nod to G1), so I thought it worked as an old ex-Wonderbolts's nickname for Lightning Dust.


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All of a sudden, this makes FAR more sense.