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Cadence is called



Part 1: [link]
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Bonus comic! - [link]
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Part 10 (END): [link]

HEADCANON TIME! Twilight did not know Cadence's full title (Princess Mi Amore Cadenza), nor that Shining was involved with her. It therefore stands to reason that Twilight and Cadence were separated when she was young and less interested in royal titles, and also that she didn't go from filly to mare watching Cadence get closer with Shining. So in my mind Cadence must have left Canterlot at some point.

This is the one I was delaying, because it's a sad part and I didn't want to leave it on that note for too long (that and I've had a bad few weeks and wanted to proofread when in a better state of mind). This said it's taken me over a week to get much further so maybe I should have just ploughed on.

Not entirely happy with this, especially the dialogue, but then I wouldn't be right now since [link] (moved to journal because it's just me being downbeat and irrelevant to the image)
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A million times better love story than Twilight.  (This way it actual means something)