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Cadence and Shining Armor - End



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Part 10 (END): (Here!)

I was originally planning more detail for this one, but it's taken so long already that it's going to be anti-climactic either way I'm sure we can agree that (given all the delays) it's nice it's completed. :)

Not sure at this point if I'll do Chrysalis' encounter too, but this is the end of this story arc.

A big thanks to all who've favourited and commented, it really helped with getting it all done!

I hope you've enjoyed the story!

Heart-shaped ring box based on one from here: [link]
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and the love story of mlp , is! Twilight with Flash! to see twilight all she can to fight her fear and in feeling for finaly tell him she in love on him but tell this later! she start will the try cadance tell her, the good old friendship way to start! and 1 or 2  years later she finaly tell all her feeling to him! and but is flash tell his feeling to her first and he be in love in for long time were both are kid but be to shy but he fear shining will in the way to stop him(in the same time Cadance and Shining spy twilight to see if everything is ok for twilight and the friends of twilight do the same, celestia and luna too!) twilight be very surprise to learn the stallion she fall in love is start to fall in love her befor she a alicorn! flash tell her he dont care she a princess! princess or not! you are still the beatiful mare i falling in love! i work hard to hide my feeling for be ready for the day is come i tell you, i love and i am be part of your life and make you happy the best i can! i dont care what other stallion will say on me! i ready to face all danger to make you save, i am ready lost my wing for you! twilight put her houve on the mouth of flash and she tell him too she in love but twilight tell he feeling is first be a unknow thing to her like the magic of friendship! she tell him why she fall in love to him! flash yes is ok! let face all this togeter! twilight say yes! in the hiding of everypony spy twilight be all happy for her! flurry see her anthy be in love! flurry think of the future wedding! but her dad tell is bit to soon for the wedding flurry! flurry smile but not alone!she with punking cake! both spy twilight! flurry ask to dad to not be the big bad brother who ruin the happyness of his little sister! but shining want twiligt be happy! but he tell him self now i got a good reason make flash work harder! if love my little twily like he say, i hope he ready for face all i plan for him for later make him the future captien of royal guard of pony ville! cadance on his back say to not go too far on him! twilight will be mad if you broke her boy friend! in the mind of shining he see twilight be mad on him!(note is not pretty) the girls try to not be see but twilight a see the tail of pinkie and rarity! twilight tell her friends to come out! later pinkie make a party to twilight and flash love! rarity not stop to think of the future wedding dress twilight will wear! the parent twilight be happy for twilight to finaly fond love and wish happyness! flurry is surper happy of the new and go tell all her friends!  the end .....for now! in this little story flurry got 6 years old! and got talin of her mother and be a little smart as her anthy! in my little story, flurry be the baby sitter of the dauther of twilight and both be as so close the same way Cadance and twilight is be! and both sing the same son and dance! her name is Sakura sentry sparkle  dauther of twilight and she a alicorn like her cousine! and later cadance give birth of skyla and twilight give birth to a other girl name ruby sentry sparkle and ruby be more daddy girl! Sakura and ruby are like shining and twilight very close! ruby call her big sis* BSBFF *Big Sister Best Freind Forever! Sakura is very good on everything but she love magic the same way her mother and learn to use magic but she love katana! she a create katana with a crystal come the tree of harmony! her cutie mark is a Sakura blossom is the same Star of the element of magic! ruby she good on magic but she love the way of royal guard! ruby is not as good like her big sis but she not give up! she love luna night! she train her self with the captien of night guard of her mother Tempet! Tempet wear helmet who help her to use her magic very savely! but she got a crystal horn but be very fragil but is inpossible to break it were she wear her helmat! is discord create this! discord use his magic the pony who need it! discord a tell tempet were the time come! the crystal will turn to a real horn! twilight and fluttershy a very prode of discord! is all i got for now of this story! i will like to see your version of love story of twilight and flash! oh the same the rest the girls! and spike!