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Cadence Halloween 2014

Just a quick pic to say Happy Halloween! :D

(I'm not overusing the gradient-circle backgrounds, am I? It just seemed a little plain with nothing.)
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If you feel selfconscious about gradients, try to do them manually. A bit like so (the explanatory signs are optional) : It's not hard nor time consuming, but it's a nice effect and gives you a light source in case you wanna go nuts and shade it.
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It wasn't so much how the gradients look, but whether or not that extra splash of colour was helping. Sometimes I get carried away with basic backgrounds. ^^; Now that I've had some time though, I'm pretty sure I like it. :)
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I bet Cadence, Shining Armor, and Twilight had tons of fun trick-or-treating when Twilight was still young enough for a babysitter. Cadence and Shining probably went in couple outfits, and Twilight wore terribly not scary costumes like an overdue library book or a scaled up model of the common cold, which probably reminded adults more of vomit than the bacteria. Twilight would get so peeved, but adults would give her candy anyway for her adorable scrunch face.
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Haha, probably! :D
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I bet there's fan art of something like somewhere. 
Awws. This'd be a great crossover if you throw Lynn in there somewhere. I can see those two trying to one-up each other in magic tricks: one standard, one with silly love spells.
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Ah, I hadn't thought of that! Did a few Filly-related Halloween pics but didn't manage to finish any of them. Probably put them in Scraps later.

I think Trixie (MLP) VS Trixie (Filly) is more of a must though! And probably Trixie VS Lynn... So many witchy equines! :D
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Heh, Cadence will be having one fun night won't she? :giggle:

(And no, I think the gradiant circle backgrounds are fine :nod: )
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Yeah, I'm sure she'll have lots of fun! :D She might say it's for nostalgia since she used to foalsit out but Shining will know better. =p

(And thanks, good to get feedback!) :)
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Yeah! ^^ Hehe, Shining is quite the perceptive one ;P

(No problem, glad I could help :) )
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