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Blank Flanks For Never

By HareTrinity
I liked the song. :p

Panel without the comic:…

Ponies without the panel (?):…

[EDIT: I've now scribbled some wings  onto Rumble! ^^; Thanks to everyone who pointed out that I'd left him flightless!]
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It's the "what the eff do we do now" looks on all their faces on the last panel that have made me laugh like a loon. Nicely done, HT!
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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :D
PonyxWright's avatar
Nice expressions, this made me laugh lol
HareTrinity's avatar
I'm glad to hear that, thank you! :D
Digoraccoon's avatar
LOL, that was too funny. :D

Yeah the song was nice.
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I think drawing this got it further stuck in my head though. :p
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Congratulations! Now get outta blank flank club! Apparently, since blank flank is no longer and insult, i can only imagine the cmcs or diamond tiara getting jealous.
HareTrinity's avatar
Ha, I wondered about their use of 'blank flank', too! Weird inclusion, but I guess it rhymes easily?
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And the plot backfires! I am a dummy! 
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Very nice, great work.
HareTrinity's avatar
And so he had to slave away forever in the music industry and never got to be a Wonderbolt. The end!
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FralLeman's avatar
Dignity Laugh Who didn't kind of expect this to happen? 
sigel4ever's avatar
and the blank flank isn't a blank flank anymore...

HareTrinity's avatar
And now he's going to have to spend the rest of his life doing improvised musicals just to make his point!
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You forgot Rumble's wings in like, all of the panels.
HareTrinity's avatar
So much for Rumble's dreams of being a Wonderbolt! :o

(Gonna fix that right after I've finished my cereal!)
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