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A Wealth of Sympathy

By HareTrinity
:icontwilightangryplz: :iconsaysplz: For Celestia's sake, Fluttershy, Tank is HIBERNATING and all you can think of is this silly plague!

I haven't even managed to finish any of my comics to mock Fluttershy Leans In and this ep comes out! Goodness.

(Note to self: Making everything shiny doesn't necessarily make the comic look good. :hmm:)
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Welcome to MLP, where the plots are arbitrary and logic doesn't matter!
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Haha, I guess! ^^;
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But at least, it provides material for nifty comics like yours! =)
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Wow, this is so true.
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Maybe Twilight saw the lesson of Tanks For the Memories as being 'death happens: nothing to do be done about it'? :p
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It's that time again where rainbow and friends cry for tank.
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It's an annual thing. :p
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And more of a tradition too! Albeit weird.
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Lol, that was funny.
It's worse than that; Tank's going to hibernate without Fluttershy's supervision. It's a shame there's nothing to be done about that.
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Haha, good point! An EVEN WORSE time for Dash & Tank!
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Equestrian priorities in a nutshell :XD:
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Equestria, a land where war wastes pastry products, hibernation is terrifying, and terminal illness spells a lack of sleep. :p
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