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01 redrawn - Diamond Tiara makes a friend



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A redraw of… , taking the art from "embarrassing to link" to "slightly less embarrassingly to link"! ^^; Didn't want to overdo it, but this is my longest comic/story and the "just a silly idea I doodled" aspect of the first few didn't well-reflect that I think. Besides, there are rumours about how FIM's S5 will go with the CMC, plus the UK's MLP magazine listed the CMC's talents a few months ago (yes, even Apple Bloom's), so figured now was the time if I wanted to make the comic more accessible!

The speech bubbles and narration point of view have also been altered to better connect to the rest of the comic, so it's a different experience to read, too!

[EDIT: Made it to Equestria Daily! :dance: I those of you who read the whole story enjoy it! Despite this simple start, it's actually a pretty long story that goes into Diamond Tiara's adulthood.]
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Oh, I remember this one! Aww... such a cute story...

I will say that I think the original version matched the style of the show better, but this one is at least a nice attempt at making it more in your style. So... good! :D