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Obscure folklore has it that hares can change sex. Hi all! Big thanks to everyone still following me, even if it's only because you haven't pruned your Watchlist lately. I am still around, but this year: - (1) Covid finally caught me in March, which spoiled my birthday plans (and on my 36th, a trinity of my favourite number)! Boo...! - (2) The UK had a lots of heatwaves, which I do NOT manage well in, plus the related ecoanxiety. - (3) The new DA layout is still just kind of weird? Still-existing bugs aside, the split Watching/Artist tabs means that sometimes I just bimble onto one and forget the other's there. :hmm: - (4) Low on artistic energy? Still lots of things I'd like to do, lots of practically-finished pics even, but real trouble finishing them and, in general, difficulty viewing art as my hobby rather than a chore. IN GENERAL, though, I think I've been doing better in the last few months in terms of catching up with (and staying on top of) non-art stuff, and I'm hopeful
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I've invented a new type of art block where I can't deal with art AFTER the picture's finished
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Frog facts!

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Frogs can't inhale with their lungs, but they CAN hear through them! To explain: frogs don't have a diaphragm, so to inflate their lungs they literally gulp down air! When the lungs are inflated, they vibrate in response to sound. Some describe them as acting like noise-cancelling headphones, allowing (for example) females to focus in on listening for the mating calls of males. ...And frogs often do most of their breathing through their skin, anyway, so I guess it's nice the lungs do hearing (as well as buoyancy) to justify their presence. :p (Got most of this from "Uncover a Frog" by Aimee Bakken, which is a really cool book with a 3D anatomy model built-in, which is listed as 8+ but well worth a look for any frog-enthusiastic adult.)
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I've heard the temperature going to hit -20 degrees at some point.

As my favourite white mouse who wears an eye patch would say, "Good grief!"

R.I.P CITV 😭😭😭

Which of Bodger and Badger would wear their wellington boots indoors?

If that's a reference, I think I'm missing it? ^^; Think you'd have a better chance of reasoning with Bodger, though!

Badger, obviously. Isn't it?

Snow....snow....TO MUCH DARN SNOW!

But I like snow! ...Has it cleared up, now?