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Swagger by L. Andrew R. (October 21, 2006) He swaggers When he walks and talks With the breeze His ease of motion Riding on a puff Of smoke screened opponents In this game of chance Where his poker face hides His formidable romance But so quick to be nimble On silver toed feet His ambitions do dwell Where warm water seep And they all ask Will he ever sing sweet Convert the heathens Or rise and defeat? They cry, "Villains beware! Husbands hide your wives!" Or is Casanova hidden Behind masquerade eyes Maybe the jump is too far Or the hand is not fair Maybe pick truth Though fun's had with dare You stand on foundations
Fall of Giants
Fall of Giants by L. Andrew R. (September 18, 2006) Paradise is lost Amidst hallowed halls Divine sunrises fall Flooding over Supersaturated dreams The cream still fails To rise to the top Of their circumstances Glances from those among us That wish to destroy themselves Deploy their own graces Making faces When they know better See, in this forum Decorum is lost To the belligerent masses Asses are made of all of us As the privileged Forget their privilege They come to these Elysian fields To dance among flowers Trampling that which they adore Thinks they’re bored by higher things “Drinks galore,” the drunkards sing Graspin
3 Piece Suit
3 Piece Suit by L. Andrew R. (July 6, 2006) 3 piece suit 1 piece mind Your job Is not Your destination still You walk Too fast making Too much noise with Your heels and Patent leather shoes That shine because Someone else does the dirty work No one is fooled by Empty briefcases Swinging Spreading Lies and poverty But that’s alright since Your soul Is worth Some pay check Is worth The repetition Your on top Of the world in Your 3 piece suit You still walk Too fast Going home To do it again Tomorrow and Your mind Is falling To pieces
Against The Sky
Under The Legs
Good,Evil, And The Boy Between
The City At Your Feet
Maybe They Are Sitting Too
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I Too Have Seen The Greatest..
I Too Have Seen the Greatest Minds of My Generation by L. Andrew R. (February 2004) Allen Ginsberg once said, "I saw the best minds of my generation…" He spoke of the ravages of his generation in the 50s. But in this year, in this day, In my contemporaries, I too have seen the greatest minds of my generation. I too have seen the greatest minds of my generation, Dashed against the rocks that we refer to as the "teen years". I have seen them fall into the darkness from the light that they were raised to embrace. I have seen my generation crumble under the weight of these years. The greatest years of one's life become a vicious cycle o
Alone (July 15, 2004) sitting in his chair up till ungodly hours of the night waiting for his cell phone to ring for an IM or email to flash across the screen or any form of human contact to show that someone cares but no one answers his silent call one would think that in a world of billions of people full of different personalities and physical ties that he would have a friend that he would feel secure and not be scared to wake up and show his face to the world and feel as though people like him for who he is not what he can do that he wouldnt feel left behind however millions just like him feel left alone faces do bid
Away, by L. Andrew R. (July 17, 2004) Take me away from here. The air has grown stale. And the people have grown cold. The night has become longer than the day, And no stars shine in the sky. The water has become stagnant, And life, although abundant, is bland and has lost its meaning. Waking up is a struggle. Sleep is like death. All attention is on the unimportant. Virtues are jokes. So, take me away. Take me above the clouds. Take me under the sea. Take me to the farthest corners of the universe. Take me to adventure. Take me to love. Take me to the joy that comes with the new. Bring me to where the water runs quicker,
Drowning, by L. Andrew R. (August 9, 2004)                You're walking amiably on the docks by the lake. The breeze is blowing at your back, the sun is shining and warm, and the sky is clear. People are coming and going past you as you walk. Everyone is smiling and you all acknowledge each other from time to time. As time passes, the people begin to thin out and now you are walking alone. However everything is still fine—you are happy. Suddenly, something catches your eye during your walk alone on the docks. You begin to see a familiar face in the middle of the lake. Maybe they were there before, but you didn't notice, since all of the oth
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The Music of Our Friendship
The Music Of Our Friendship By L. Andrew R. (August 11, 2004) It has been like music We first met, only knowing the names of the notes on the page. Only knowing the lines and spaces of the staff Then, as the meter passed and the metronome beat, The magic began At first, the melody started out slow, conversations were sparse Notes were spread across the measure Then the quarter notes turned to eight notes, And the eight notes into sixteen notes The music had a crescendo into a forte And the love of friendship slowly fazed in as an accompaniment And the only thing on our minds was the fluidity of the piece Years past, and the music
To My Costello
To My Costello, by L. Andrew R. (August 11, 2004) To the laughs we shared And the tears we cried To the mischief we've made And the good deeds we've done To the moments of suspense As we were locked in argument To the hugs and kisses we've passed After those trying times To the music we've made And the discord we've learned to deal with To the memories we have From playing in the leaves To the smiles we shared today We have been through the storms and the sun So, here's to you, my Costello Thanks for my lifetime of fun
Ode To Our Creators
Ode to Our Creators, by L. Andrew R. (August 11, 2004) Since the beginning of time, there have been Creators. They have made everything from a baby to the government to existence itself. They created have always been expected to pay homage, one way or another, to their Creator—in song, dance, worship, obedience, veneration, or protection. But is this praise deserved? Didn't the empire that Caesar created fall eventually? Don't forms of government leave people unsatisfied? Don't plants die? Don't gods disappoint? Don't children act up and disobey anyway? So here's to our Creators, our parents, our government, our gods. Here's to all those C
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Coming Down
Coming Down by L. Andrew R. (May 22, 2006) Coming down Feet touch the ground Spinning round To the front Warm and cold Young and old Touch your feet You're free to see Your head isn't loose Disjointed use Of limbs is back In order But your mind Is out of whack And your back In this world Whirling normally Comfortably tired And sad or mad Or glad that it's over You wanna go again But you think again Can you handle another ride And the waves on your Fingertips tingling As the undertow pulls The sands from over Your eyes and its clear Which way you're going But you don't know why You're hungry for life But you're
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Wow, its been almost a year since I have written in this journal. I have been very seldomly checking my account here since I havent written anything in a long time. However, I am currently in Lyon France to study, tho the term is almost over, and i have really enjoyed my time here and will be sad to leave. Additionally, I just wanted to let everyone know that things are going well....and I wanted to write a journal entry while I am in France. So hey!...and hopefully Ill write more and be more active soon....maybe? Much Love
Still Alive!
Its been a while once again. I have been enjoying my Freshman year of college and, unfortunately, writing very little. I should be posting what I have written soon for your viewing pleasure. I hope all is well with you.
I am sorry for my lack of activity recently. However, I have started college and that has consumed a lot of my time. Even still, I have lost interest in DeviantArt is a whole. Do not get me wrong, this is a wonderful place and I fully intend to stay on it and try to be a part of it. However, I am truly turned off by the lack of support here for writers. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. Maybe I shall try to do something about it, maybe not. Please continue to support me though as I try to figure these things out. Peace and Love always Haressh


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