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Drawing Day '08

Full view's...I dunno

I've been wanting to do a drawing for drawing day but forgot the chance I decided to check out their website( to check the date and oh gosh, it's today. So here's my drawing for drawing day. :] 'Twas fun, haha. Rather dark no? I made up these carnivorous tree/human beings XD. Ahaha, they like to eat humans~ But they use they're branches to eat~


I need to reply to comments...
Photoshop, couple of hours
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If-Wings-Could-Fly's avatar
very full of life~~! the vibrant colors are great
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unbelievably awesome
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Aw, thanks. It was fun...
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yeah that was actualy my original plan yesterday, instead I drew some alien space slug plant thing....great colors though
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wow love the picture, yes it is quite dark, which makes it all the better:D
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Hehe, glad you liked it. :]
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I love the concept and the pic. I need to draw since its drawing day.
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Thanks. :D Yes, keep up with the spirit of Drawing Day
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