Friday art-thread! 

Which art projects are you currently working on? 
Feel free to share them here!

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LineART::Minako Aino by KM-Illustrations   OC::Suki-Belle by KM-Illustrations   FA::ChibiUsa:: Sailor Moon by KM-Illustrations
Currently working on these three beauties :heart:
I'm really excited to start colouring them :happybounce:
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Those line-arts all look so detailed, oh gosh. ; u ; 

I can definitely see why you're excited to color them, I'm sure the finished pieces will end up looking fantastic! ♥
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oH! I'm working on a character design! I won a MYO taum in a "raffle event" where you did a Christmas secret Santa type gift exchange ^w^
Myo Taum by NobleSir
And I just finished my last work in progress from last year that wasn't a character design-
Taum Mama #6 Dynamic Lighting by NobleSir
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Ohhh, I've been loving Happy-sorry's Taums so so much, just never got around to nabbing a design or MYO.

Your MYO design is turning out pretty neat, tbh, especially with the second head. :o
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I have an army of Taum @.@' I should probably be embarrassed by my collection, but I write with them all so it's not like they're not getting loved!
if you have the time/energy and since you don't own one especially you could get one for free- Psst, wanna get a free taum?

Thanks! It's an idea I've had for a long time, so I'm hoping to do it justice.
It's got a lot of work going into it XD I want to get it done in the next few days.
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I'm not sure what to name her yet but,

  Pure Flight by Genettle  
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Oh wow, I'm in love with how you drew the face! ; u ; 

Like, you can still tell it's MLP from the cutie mark. But you've added a really nice twist of realism and your own flair in there, I like it! <3
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