#tegendebakker: #saynotospec for dutch speakers

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I'll try and write this in English and Dutch, but I just had to share this.


Earlier today, a Dutch freelancing journalist, Franka Hummels, launched the hashtag #tegendebakker (roughly translated as #toyourbaker
as a dutch alternative for #saynotospec .

The idea is to bundle all the things freelancers regularly hear, but that someone wouldn't dare say to their baker because the'd sound ridiculous.
The tweets are in dutch, but I'll try and translate a couple of the ones mentioned in this article here.



En nu in het Nederlands: eerder vandaag lanceerde de Nederlandse freelance journaliste Franka Hummels de hastag #tegendebakker,
als een alternatief voor het Engelse #saynotospec.

De bedoeling is om alle dingen te posten die freelancers regelmatig te horen krijgen, 
maar die mensen nooit tegen hun bakker zouden durven zeggen, omdat ze dan absurd zouden overkomen. 
De tweets zijn in het Nederlands, maar ik zal hieronder enkele van de leuksten uit dit artikel hier ook vertalen naar het Engels.

Zo kan iedereen volgen.


The tweets


"Paying? Oh. Uhm. Oh. Well, I though: baking bread is kinda like a hobby, right? And we kinda know each other via other people, so..."


"Thank you for the order, the examples, the pre-work, but it turns out my neighbor's nephew is pretty good at baking bread too!"


"I can't pay you for this bread, but the slices will be on many plates. Those people will probably also come buy your bread, then."


And remember: say no to spec and ask for fair wages for services rendered!

En onthoudt: zeg neen tegen spec-work en vraag voor een fair loon voor je werk!

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what is spec?
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Spec work, or speculative work.

This video explains it really well:
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I shared your article on our Etsy BXL team page: