Your art is worth AT LEAST minimum wage/hour.

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It bears repeating because I've been browsing dA's Job Offer-forum again
and I'm baffled by how many people ask for "professional work" and "under $50" in the same sentence.

Professional work should not be sold cheap.
Professional work to be used commercially should not be sold for under $100 ever. 
At all.

Your art is worth something.
Your skill is worth something.
If you wouldn't do a desk-job for less than minimum-wage, then why would you sell your highly skilled labor for next to nothing?

Don't let anyone try and brow-beat you into thinking it is normal to work for $2/h or less.
$10/h is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.

And don't ever accept less.
Your art, time and skill are worth it.

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SongThreadHobbyist General Artist
this might be a bit stupid to say as I am not an expert, but aren't there other places you can sell your 3d art? Or make it into real stuff to sell it? forums feel like a big uhm bait for people who want stuff for free.
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Oh, definitely not stupid at all! I do look into a lot of different places and ways to sell my art (I've even finally started to come out of my shell and started networking off-line. Business cards are being made and all).

It mostly breaks my heart when I see people fighting over an underpaid job on the forums, when they could be valuing their art and demanding fair prices. If everyone did it, then buyers would have to adjust their idea of what is a fair price for what they're asking for. Whereas at the moment, a fair price seems to range from $1 to $50, at most. :c
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SongThreadHobbyist General Artist
well the same happens on selling art platforms like Etsy. 
Even though you might have fair prices for the art or objects you make. There are enough people who undersell their work. I think in the long term those people quit doing it as they can't live off of it and stay in the "hobby" aspect of this part. The difficult part of it is that the percentage of people selling under value is bigger than the quantity of people valuing their work. I guess the only thing we can do is keep up with doing our thing and spreading the word of how important it is!
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I agree, 100% with you on this. I know of the struggles that can happen in life, what with being stuck in unemployment for so long. It's gotten to the point that if someone isn't going to hire me to even clean damn toilets, then I'll work for myself. I don't have the opportunity to make my art any less than what it should be. If someone tells me otherwise, I'd clock 'em one right in the virtual jaw. :no:
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Yeah, exactly. Why work for next to nothing on someone else's 'big, great GRAND IDEA', when you could use that time to work on your own fantastic ideas that might have growth-potential?

And it's extra rude when people try to tell you your art is worth less than what you priced it at. 
$10 is not "expensive" for art. $10 is not "a rip-off". :no:
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Most art on a canvas should be sold for £300-400 or more. :stare:
When I was in college studying and building my art portfolio for my dream school,
we got to sell the paintings we created to whomever was interested in looking for new pieces.

£10 is nothing. :crying:
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Sleepy-StardustHobbyist Interface Designer
These journals always make me feel better (:
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Aah, glad to hear it! <3
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RedRoronoaHobbyist General Artist
Preachin' the truth right here.
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I'll keep on preaching until it stops being necessary. :giggle:
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MagpieHyenaStudent General Artist
When you're desperate for income, sometimes it suits artists better to take shitty underpaid jobs rather than wait around for the day we are finally thought of as professional enough to actually manage to get orders over 100$.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, don't get me wrong. But there comes a point where you just can't wait anymore, and you need that money in life, even if you feel underpaid.
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Aah, I get your point of view as well. Though, what I'm mostly getting at is people who reply to Job Offers, only to be told they need to slash their prices at the very least by half in order to have the opportunity to work on a job.

That's what really makes me blood boil. I mean. 
They can't ask for professional work and the balk and baw at people who charge professional prices and tell them they should be charging less. That's just insulting, offensive and really insensitive. :faint:

And if anything, I'm getting a master's degree in translating as a my main degree, to allow me to continue freelancing as an artist on the side (if it grows to be a full-time job, even better). Even though freelancing as a translator will lead to many a shitty job-offer as well.

I guess what I'm getting at is: have a plan B-job and stick to your prices. Because if you show yourself willing to lower your prices when 'threatened', you're setting yourself up for a whole lot of people to start asking for the same thing.

Plus, when it comes to commercial work... why should you be expected to sign away the rights to your art for less than a laughably low $100, only to allow them to print your art on merchandise or use it as a logo to make money off of?

Aaaah, I know I'm writing a huge wall of text here, but fair wages for services rendered is something I'm really invested in. Sorry for the huge infodump, haha.
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MagpieHyenaStudent General Artist
Yeah, I don't blame you there. Even though I'm not really offering super professional product, I honestly get very upset when people tell me I need to lower my prices. I've already lowered them a LOT over the years through experiences with customers and the like.

You're fine, I usually have a lot to say about this issue as well, but I gave up fighting after a while. At least over here on DA. I do offer certain types of commissions on occasion, but I've come to the conclusion that my business here is nonexistent, and any commissions I DO get from over here, are from friends who know me and my work, and are willing to give me more than just " Oh I only have 5 points will this cover a full body with shading? "

Truthfully I've stumbled upon alot of artists on this website that appear to have a SIGNIFICANTLY better skill than myself and yet charge under half of what -I- charge. I usually make it a point to PM people like that and be like " whoa dude raise those prices you're good" but alot of them give me the very answer I gave to you. It's a tough world for freelance artists, it really is.
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