Taking on some art trades [OPEN]

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So, yeah! 

I'd love to get some chibi-practice under my belt, which is why I'm taking a couple of art trades. 

The drawings below are examples of what I'm offering. 
Pixels are a mayyyybe, as I'm pixeling daily already. @_@

Coffeecup - [Sketch] by Hardrockangel  666 Followers Alt by Hardrockangel  Passionfruit Puff - HATCHED by Hardrockangel-Adopts

If interested, please reply below with what you'd be offering & the character you'd like me to draw. 

I'll pick for art trades from there. 

Please don't feel bad if you don't get picked.
Please don't get mad either. OTL"


Skin by SimplySilent
© 2018 - 2020 Hardrockangel
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muterouteHobbyist General Artist
hey there! sorry my examples are all over the place, I've only recently gotten back into uploading online :'D
skelly boi by muteroute sporkle sporkle by muteroute spronkles this  ho ho ho by muteroute
I'd happily do a cheeb art trade if that's what you'd like to! I can do a fullbody cheeb or a couple of those lil cheeb heads ;w;
for my ocs either toyhou.se/1377352.wren or toyhou.se/1197362.-
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Hi ^^ If your interested, I'll draw a character for you, traditionally, or digital (there are two types of digital I do) Daisy the Redheaded Princess by TheOperaticOne   Courage by TheOperaticOne   Blaze in Color by TheOperaticOne  
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GimmieTheSauceHobbyist Digital Artist
chibi or fullbody,,,?
chara: Nikolas 2018 Ref 

Mature Content

Bloody Hecc by Sassy--Satan
   Hop and a Skip by Sassy--Satan   stranger danger ranger by Sassy--Satan plants arent gay by Sassy--Satan    Sugar Honey by Sassy--Satan  
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Deathdoll14Student Digital Artist
Can we make one?
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Sukiie Digital ArtistFeatured
I'll try my luck >w<

I don't have much confidence in digital art at the moment, but I can offer my pixels.
haru-cchii by Sukiie   CrystalCamethyst by Sukiie   Attaile by Sukiie   By Sukiie by Sukiie   nanomori by Sukiie  
//I'm working on some larger pixels at the moment, but unfortunately I don't have any examples yet ; ;

I'd be more than happy to trade a few icons for your art though! <3

Heres my oc : sta.sh/2j168a613rp
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Ohhh, your oc is adorable and I love your pixel art! :love:
I'd love to trade with you!

Since I know how long pixels can take... how about a 150x150-ish pagedoll for a colored chibi? I might go either for watercolor or mixed media like this piece below (depending on what works best for coloring her hair):

I N T E R S T E L L A R by Hardrockangel   

I still need to update the proper refsheet (the last one is from ... 2015, for shame ; ~ ; ), but I've got most character references for my mascot here: sta.sh/2nj5s34a06o?edit=1
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Sukiie Digital Artist
Oh gosh! Thank you!

That sounds great! ^ u ^
Is the blue dress the outfit you'd prefer her in?
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Yay! I'd love to switch out the outfit a little, actually. With the black skirt and white sweater, if you wouldn't mind? 
I'll have a reference drawn out so you have more details about what it looks like, though! :giggle:

Is there an outfit you'd prefer to have your character drawn in? :la:
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Sukiie Digital Artist
Of course. ^ ^

If the outfit shes in isn't too much trouble?
If it is maybe something in the same colour palette.
I've still got to design her second outfit. > <
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The outfit she's in would work perfectly! I've made a Trello card for the art trade, so I can keep you updated with the WIPs and everything: trello.com/c/7cuvEjD3/192-suki…

I've also put together a quick reference-folder on my OC here: sta.sh/2nj5s34a06o?edit=1
I'll have a refsheet added to that by this Sunday at the latest. And I should have a sketch ready for my part of the trade by Sunday the 25th, if that works for you? :la:
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Sukiie Digital Artist
Oh, that's perfect ^ ^
I'll get started on my part as soon as I can :)
Feel free to ask for a wip anytime though!
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I have a very rough sketch ready for you, which I've added to the trello-card here: trello.com/c/7cuvEjD3/192-suki…

Feel free to let me know what you think! :happybounce:
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JahpanProfessional Digital Artist
I am interested can you draw mermaids?
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Could you please link examples of your art, as is asked in the journal? Thanks! :)
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JahpanProfessional Digital Artist
I know I had to ask I don’t have that reference up for her mermaid form yet so scratch that. I would be really interested in a pixel pagedoll of this girl: jahpan.deviantart.com/art/Meet…
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As is also mentioned in the journal, pixels are a definite maybe at best.
I primarily want to practice my drawn chibis, so I am taking art trades for those.

I'd hate to be rude, but did you read the journal at all...? ^^;
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JahpanProfessional Digital Artist
Yes I did. Okay then either if your interested in drawing sea ponies at all, sorry for the confusion.
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