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Heya guys, I've got some exciting news to announce!

I've been working as a freelance illustrator for a while now.
In the recent months, however, I've been receiving a lot of support that has been steadily increasing.
This means that I've been able to look into options for registering my own freelance business (which still feels pretty unreal).

So I just wanted to say... thank you so much for supporting me every step along the way & making this possible! 

Now... for a little bit of bad news (sorry!)

Registering under a partnership means I had a thorough look at Belgian tax-laws.
The main take-away: I am obliged to charge VAT, even though I was previously told this wasn't obligatory.

What this means: my price list will be revised for 2018 to include these VAT-charges. 'Cause I still gotta eat and be able to afford coffee. :noes: 

(This price-change will not affect those whose commission is already being discussed or paid, though! Just making that clear.)

But yeah! This is a big, exciting step and I'm looking forward to see where it will lead me!

And I'm super grateful to all of you who've been cheering me on so far.
I couldn't have made it to this point already without you guys!


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I'm happy to hear you have so much support that you can be freelance!!!
If you don't mind my asking, what is VAT?
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Thank you so much! :la:

VAT is a type of tax on goods and services that goes directly to the state. In Belgium, that's 21% of the price of an item. So... if something costs, say, €25, €5 of that is VAT that goes to the state. Hope that makes sense. :giggle:
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You're welcome!

Yeah that made sense. ^.^ Thanks for explaining!
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ITBluebeadTIProfessional Artist
Oh my goodness, congrats! :la: So exciting!
Good luck with the freelance job! I myself opted to work with an interim company for now, but I do hope to get that freelance status one day. c:
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Thank you! It's a little scary, but a lot exciting. :giggle:

It's still going to be a side-job to a day job, but just taking small steps towards doing it full-time in the future is amazingly wonderful. :la:
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ITBluebeadTIProfessional Artist
Oh, a side job! I looked into the whole Belgian regulation thing myself as well and that honestly seems like the best option to start off, tax wise and all that jazz :giggle:

Best of luck, but I'm positive you'll do great! :dummy:
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nabhalimProfessional General Artist
Oooo congrats with your new job, sounds like a dream come true! :love: Good luck!!
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It's still going to be a side-job to a day job, but depending on how much it grows .... I'm exited honestly! :happybounce:

Thank you!
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