Received loads of comments on pricing, please read

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So, for future reference (and my sanity, as I'm starting to feel like a broken record).

 1 point = 1 cent in USD.

Please don't ask me if less than 100 points for a digital painting is fair, because that's not even a dollar. You should get $10/h at the very least.

And if you're worried that raising your prices may scare customers away and you feel like you have to charge low prices to even get customers at all...
Then why not work on personal projects?
Practice pieces?

Pretty much anything that would allow you to do with your time what you want, instead of slaving away at a piece to not even make enough to buy a burger?

Seriously guys, come on.

Drawing is a skill that you have fostered. through blood, sweat and tears.
Please don't give it away as if it's worth nothing.

And while I can not set your prices for you as I don't know how long one piece takes you: at the very least ask for minimum wage.
Value your craft, dammit!

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I feel this on an emotional level.
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I've heard these words once:

Somebody has to pay for the art. If not the commissioner, it is the artist who pays the price.
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