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Heya guys!

My name is Hardrockangel and I used to be the CV for the Icons & Handhelds category.

Icons & Handhelds is one of the smaller (and let's face it: more confusing) categories on DeviantArt.
Which is why I'm here today with a guest-journal at projecteducate to clarify the most-used subcategories, and make submitting art to them a lot easier.
Are you ready? Let's go!

:eager: by darkmoon3636

What are Icons & Handhelds?

Wedged between the larger categories on DeviantArt, there sits a smaller category under the name of Customization.
Fun fact: this category actually goes all the way back, directly to the roots of DeviantArt!
Back then, the website started off as a place geared mostly towards customization via wallpapers and icons.

As DeviantArt grew and expanded, so did the categories.
And the Customization category continues to provide Deviants with new resources every single day.

So let's take a look at some of the things that are offered!

Customization & Handhelds

Customization & handhelds offers just about everything you could want or need to customize your handheld-devices. Whether you're looking for a wallpaper, icons or even a full custom theme, this gallery can offer you that little extra bit of art to make your smartphone or your PSP completely and uniquely yours.

Most of the custom themes that are offered on DeviantArt can be downloaded for free. Installation can differ per theme, though, so make sure to check the artist's notes on how to best go about customizing your device with their art!

To install iPhone-themes, please note that your iPhone needs to be jailbroken. An explanation on what jailbreaking is, how it's done and what the effects & consequences are can be found here.

<da:thumb id="618447204"/> Passage Live Wallpaper by trenchmaker Gradiated iPhone by scurrrvy

Customization & Icons

Customization & icons is a large (and active) subcategory which holds cursors, signature banners and more. Among the most important subcategories, however, are those for the different icon-types: avatars, OS icons and dock icons.

  • Avatars are the ones most of you guys are already using. They're the little image on your DeviantArt page that appears next to your username, for instance. They can be pixeled or drawn, animated or static.

    But most importantly of all, they can be found in the subcategory Customization > Icons > Avatars. Below are some examples of free to use icons that you can use on DeviantArt.

    [F2U] BB-8 Icon by Tackytician [FANART - F2U] Porg by Ayinai F2U: BOTW Link by papercharm {F2U Icon} - AC Rosie by Hardrockangel- Free Icon - Nintendo Gameboy by tsuemi[FI]: ''eat me'' heart cookie by haveacoffeeandrun Chocolate Tea Cookie - Free Icon by etNoir

  • OS Iconsoffers art that can be used to replace the default desktop-icons on your OS, such as on Windows and Mac. They can be found under the subcategory of Customization > Icons > OS icons.

    A guide on how to replace your default desktop-icons can be found here for Windows and here for Mac.

    iConadams 700 icons by valvator Windows Flat Trash Icons by Ray by Raiiy Summer, Love +Cicadas Icon Set by Raindropmemory Colorful Morning Icon Set by Cappippuni

  • Dock Icons similarly offers art that can be used to replace the default icons, more specifically the icons in dock launchers such as the Windows-applications detailed in this article.

    Installation can differ per application, so make sure to check the artist's notes on how to use what they're offering. Dock Icons can be found under Customization > Icons > Dock icons.

    Gaming Icons by MaroBot Chocolate Obsession Icon Set by artbees Steampunk - Web Browser icon by wakaba556 Wooden icons by Pakito77

  • Cursors are not to be forgotten, however! They may be but little, but they are really important if you'd like to know where you're clicking. And why not customize that too, with what you can find under Customization > Icons > Cursors ?

    The gallery offers options for Windows and Mac, so there's something for almost everyone there!

    White Cursor by 1davi Cirno Mouse Cursor by 42WV maru9 cursor by 8bitcanvas Cursor Set: Sakura by pinkykei

In conclusion...

If you love customizing things to make them personal and uniquely yours, this gallery might be your next biggest love. You just haven't fully discovered it yet, although I hope this article has shed some light on what lies hidden in this wonderful category.

And now... go forth and customize!


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Funny that you say about how DA started with wallpapers as an original category, because in early 2005, months before I finally created my own site, I would often peruse DA for a new wallpaper to use! Even today hubby says he sees where people will direct others to DeviantArt to find wallpapers to use!
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IllusionDriveHobbyist Digital Artist
I've always loved how you explain things ^^ ever since your journal about commissions, I'm gonna take a long read at this It shows you put a lot of work on it ^^.
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Nice to see some information about the customization part.  :clap:

Sadly not explained here but also part of the customization category 
are emoticons. :nod:

The thing that bothers me a bit is that lots of what I'd define as icons
are thrown in the chat friendly emotes category during the last years
so it got very cluttered.
Often those icons not even have added the proper tags so in case of
searching for special emoti(c)ons via the +AddMedia search it isn't very
user friendly anymore.                                                              PattyPink crying 
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Mrs-DurdenHobbyist Photographer
We might have an emoticon article later in this PE month :)
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Yay, that would be great!
I am really eager for to read that!   Yes, yes, yes ... yesss! 
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StardazedArtHobbyist General Artist
Oooo I've been putting my icons in the WRONG CATAGORY GIF Steven Universe - Is she dead? 
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