Icons and Handhelds DD Roundup - August 2012

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Welcome to this month's DD roundup for Icons & Handhelds!
Here are the wonderful pieces that were suggested and featured in August.


::Free icon - Sailor Moon:: by Mimru

::Free icon - Sailor Moon:: by ~Mimru is a small, but adorable pixel of a well-known and much-loved anime-character, Sailor Moon!
(Featured by Hardrockangel)

Candy-gram for mister ahfemashajamenson... by Crazdude

Candy-gram for mister ahfemashajamenson... by *Crazdude is a well-animated icon that'll keep you staring for hours!
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by Smushey)

:IC: eevee by eivven

:IC: eevee by =eivven is an adorable and well-animated avatar!
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by JupiterLily)

Free Avatar - Lovely Cupcake by JadeLand

As today is deviantART's birthday, cupcakes are needed. Free Avatar - Lovely Cupcake by ~JadeLand is the perfect avatar to join the festivities with! A cute cake to decorate your profile with, what more can you ask for?
(Featured by Hardrockangel)

BurgerBunny - commission by Adkage

The suggester says: "This little icon's movement is so smooth and cute!"
BurgerBunny - commission by *Adkage 
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by rioIu)

R: MizAmy by PepoFaec

The suggester says: "This person manages to fit A LOT of detail into such small space!"
R: MizAmy by *PepoFaec 
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by Aluri)

Art Nouveau Icons by LineBirgitte

The suggester says: "Perfect shapes and such great details for art nouveau! Very original and beautiful."
Art Nouveau Icons by `brgtt 
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by lilvdzwan)


Free cubone icon (DD?) by WhiteChocolateTiger

Free cubone icon by *Qiaxo 
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by Smushey)

icon: KOIFLSH by Kuitsumi

The suggester says: "It's an adorable icon with fluid animation, and it's just pleasing to look at!"
icon: KOIFLSH by =Kuitsumi 
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by tsubukichi)

Car Icons Project by omercetin

While Car Icons Project by ~omercetin is not available for free use, the set of car-icons is absolutely amazing to look at!
The details that make every car recognizable are small, but meticulously executed and make this an icon-set worth seeing!
(Featured by Hardrockangel)

Kingdom Icons by bogo-d

Kingdom Icons by ~bogo-d is a set of magical icons that will put you in a fantasy-mood just by looking at them! Especially take the time to marvel at the detail of the tiny gems and the little lion in the shield!
(Featured by Hardrockangel)

Raya Shady by Vanderstorme

The suggester says: "Well balanced colours and a simple but effective animation make this a magical little icon."
Raya Shady by *MeanKitty6 
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by ValaSedai)

Free Brambling Icon by deer-feathers

Free Brambling Icon by *simply-rustic is a beautiful and realistic bird-icon!
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by pricechi)

New York Subway Pack by ncrow

The preview for New York Subway Pack by ~ncrow is already incredibly detailed and yet only a small taste of what's inside. Be sure to check this amazing icon-pack out for a bit of New York-subway in icon-size!
(Featured by Hardrockangel)

In Pixelated Icon Set by Cappippuni

The suggester says: "This is such a cute, lovely and adorable icon set!"
And I agree. I especially like how the pixels have been upscaled for a more chunky and retro effect!
In Pixelated Icon Set by *Cappippuni 
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by jcroxas)

Oriental icon set by JGi-desIgn

Japanese icon set by ~JGi-desIgn is a beautiful icon-set that's reminiscent of oriental ink drawings!
(Featured by Hardrockangel)

Pixel Icon by eruqi

The suggester says: "The animation and colors are beautiful!"
Pixel Icon by ~eruqi 
(Featured by Hardrockangel, suggested by Schokolat)

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Mimru's avatar
Awesome DDs :hug: <3<3
(thanks again ;A;)
Hardrockangel's avatar
Thanks! :la:
And you're welcome. <3
WDWParksGal's avatar
Added to the DD Section of the article collection at #DevNews :aww:
WDWParksGal's avatar
:iconwelcomesignplz: I really like your avatar! It is adorable :aww:
Hardrockangel's avatar
Thank you! *JupiterLily made it for me. :giggle:
WDWParksGal's avatar
Her avatars are so adorable! I am going to check to see if she is in two of my avatar groups that I admin from my stock site. Her free avatars are of an incredible quality.
Hardrockangel's avatar
They definitely are! :nod:

Glad you like her art, really!
I keep wanting to show my new avatar to everyone. :giggle:
Twoohten's avatar
I disaprove that 50x50 canvas can get a DD. I hope you lose sleep knowing I disaprove. I also hope you feel bad for ever bringing such to my eyes. :iconsnobplz:

I turned the DD box off awhile ago, so it's nice seeing this roundup. :giggle:
Hardrockangel's avatar
But ... you work on 50x50 canvases! :crying:
And ah, no problem! :tighthug:
Twoohten's avatar
I'll have you know I work on a 51x51 canvas. It takes real skill to use that extra space I'll have you know. :iconsnobplz:
Hardrockangel's avatar
Oh, I see!
Sorry for doubting your art! :noes:
Twoohten's avatar
I feel insulted. :<
Hardrockangel's avatar
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