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As an artist, you probably will be approached by various people over time. Some may be looking for commissions, others will most likely be looking for free art.

Here are some handy resources concerning the "free art"-people. First of all, there's this handy flowchart called "Should I Work For Free?.

If they say they'll pay you with:

-Eventual cut of the profit when profits are made
-No pay, since artists "shouldn't be sell-outs, but draw for fun"

Then run for the hills and get away as fast as you can.
Because if it's for a game, a comic or another for-profit project, the most normal response should be "Fuck you. Pay me." (worded politer, though that goes without saying).

Spec-work? -- Fuck you. Pay me.
"We don't have the budget for 20 sprite-sheets, but we'll sell this game and your name will be in the credits!" -- Fuck you. Pay me.
"We need 10 sprites / full paintings by tomorrow, for free please!" -- Fuck you. Pay me.

Or as Ricky Gervais put it:

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Some videos and interesting reads on the topic:
- A Note to You, Should You Be Thinking of Asking Me to Write For You For Free
- A Little More Re: Writing For Free
- Unfinanced Entrepreneurs PART 1 (Brought to my attention by Weissboard, thank you!)
- "Fuck you. Pay me." (VIDEO)

Your art is worth more than you think.It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a good fortune must be in want of art.
If you've ever taken a look at the job-offers part of any forum or site, you'll notice two tendencies that occur online. The first is that a lot of people look for art, some for the cheapest possible price at the best possible quality. The other is that a lot of people are willing to low-ball even more than the initial offer simply to snag the job.
Because if they don't offer cheaper art than the rest, they wouldn't be getting the job, or so the line of thought most likely goes.
You see people selling full-body, detailed renderings for $10, or people who sell pixel art for 50 points. But why?
A reminder should be sent out telling people that their art is worth so much more than they think. And this is why I can highly advise these  journals if you plan to price and sell your art.
Interesting info
Tumblr: "

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This is great... I saw this video a few years back when a friend of mine (who is an actual writer) posted this on FB (Harlan Ellison video)because  lot of people asked her to write stories for bunch of stuff for free... 

It is the toughest thing asking for money, especially when people don't respect your profession...

Four years after you posted this and it's still helping artists... Thank you man.