Dust: officially cleaned away.

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It's been a while, so I'm not sure who might still remember me.


How's everyone been? 


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IllusionDriveHobbyist Digital Artist
Hola! >w0 Haven't seen you stream a lot :(
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Heya! It's definitely been a couple of busy months, busier than anticipated. :giggle:

How have you been?
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SerendiipitiiHobbyist Writer
Woohoo ~ Welcome back!
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Thank you! :la:
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Hey! Long time no see! Things are okay on my side of the screen, how about yours?
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Glad to hear things are good over there!

I'm currently on the job hunt after graduating, while attempting to also keep my portfolio updated haha.
A little busy, but in a good way. :la:
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Yeah, things are pretty nice at the moment.
I got a new tattoo so I'm really happy XD

Good luck in your job search!
Busy in a good way is the best kinda busy =D
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Ohhh, what does the new tattoo look like, if I may ask? :la:

And thank you! Just took a test for a translation-job, so now I'm crossing my fingers and creating some more art in the meantime haha
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Here yah go- sta.sh/2dig4733wh totally sfw, it's on my forearm ^.^

That's super cool! G'luck and I hope you get more art time =D
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Oh wow, that's gorgeous. :love:
That bottle looks so detailed too! 
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thank you~! I'm so in love with it!
She put a lot of love into the bottle and the butterflies <3
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AshleyxBrookeHobbyist Photographer
Hey! :heart: All good over here :D How are you?
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Aww, yay! Glad to hear! :heart:

I'm doing good! Graduated, jobhunting, keeping the porfolio updated.
Keeping very busy, more or less. :la:
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I was wondering what that bear was about haha
HIIII! :la:
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Well you said to bear with you :iconteheplz:
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... I am a slowpoke:ohstarelegasp: 
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