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The Gunslinger - Roland

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Well, here's the long awaited Roland.
This is just a temp till I get a clearer picture.

I'm not very happy with the outcome of the painting, too rough and bland, wish I worked more details in, but at this point I'm having painter's block.

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oil in stretched canvas
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Canon EOS Kiss Digital N
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Jan 10, 2008, 12:02:41 AM
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Beautiful... Not the my mind's image of Roland, but anyway,..
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Looks more like Ro's father, to me. He's got all fingers . . .
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Just a btw, for all the people wondering who this looks like. The actual facial inspiration was David Gandy.
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reminds me of Lee Van Cleef
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You've been featured here: [link] :D
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A member of :icondalinksystem: Linked this piece of work, so now it is featured in this news article :iconshakelinkplz:
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Lots to this picture. Great job!
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Hey, where' Jake? :DDD Please draw him! You have the catch for it!
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Really good painting! :D i love those books, i've read all of them. everything is spot on with this painting. the only thing is that you gave Roland all 10 fingers, when he lost the first two on his right hand in the 2nd book. but other that that minor detail, It's an AWESOME painting!! Keep up the good work. :)
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I rather like the rough aspects. Its excellent. Of course I didn't picture Roland like thattt... ; ) but thats okay all the same ; )
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just wow. nothing more to say!
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beautiful and Roland is spot-on with my imagination! he looks pretty spiffed-up, though. nice and clean. ^^
the poor baby deserves a bath and a haircut, tho, poor thing D:
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Molto bello, e saga stupenda.
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Is it just me, or does Roland look kind of like Clive Owen?
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this is the best pic of roland on whole thats my opinion. ( that face! that hair! eyes! )
really best....
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I love this. At first I thought "this is not how i envisioned Roland!", then I took a closer look at his face and realized that it kinda is. Just with abit shorter hair than I've imagined^^ And your other DT art is amazing aswell, especially Susannah Dean!
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I actually really liked it. Keep up the Great work :)
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I have to say, Your Dark Tower Images have to be some of the closest representations of the characters I have ever seen, Espesially Odetta Holmes, truly stunning. With this, I personaly always imagined Roland with much longer hair, But aside from that, you have almost captured him perfectly, espesially the eyes. And as for the actual tower, well I must say I don't think I have EVER seen a more spot on visualisation, all these artists depict the tower as a small castle or a or a tower about 5o ft. high with turrets, but I think the tower doesn't look like that at all, but more a spire that just vanishes into the clouds around it. Your tower, is, if slightly abstract (which in my opinion just makes it even better), a dead on version. I have to say, if anyone was going to illustrate a DT book, you should have been one of them.
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I`m not imagening Roland like this,but the work is not bad!For me Roland is Clint Eastwood :D
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It was ring and middle finger not pinky and ring.
But beside the point. I find the tower slimy looking, but the face of Roland to be supreb. I love the lighting and composition.
Thankee Sai.
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"Roland saw the stumps of the first and second fingers of his right hand disappearing into the creature's jagged beak." (The Drawing Of The Three, page 7)

It's his trigger finger and his middle finger. He still has both his pinky and his ring finger.
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I like this Roland. Good stuff!!!!!!!!!
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Well, the book describes him as looking like a 'tired poet' and I think you captured that really well here. The picture of Roland that most closely fits my mental picture of him is the one on the cover of the seventh book with him standing by the tower, but I'm glad to say this is very close too.

It's always best to walk away from a work and go to something else until you feel ready again, but thanks for sharing this with us. I love your renditions of the other characters and hope you keep doing other characters. Good luck with your work.
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