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My critique will be divided into three portions, Colors anatomy and style LET'S GO Colors are GREAT, they're complementary and the shad...

Luckily for you I really like Midna, and Minda based OCs aren't things you come by often, at least GOOD ones. I know nothing about the ...

This piece is absolutely AMAZING, I watched the speed paint only to come back and take a closer look at the actual completed picture. N...

Honestly, I look around the website, I see people all around making things of themselves.. Making money.. making lives.. But then there...



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"Before there was time, before there was anything there was nothing, and before there was nothing, there were monsters" -Ron Perlman


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pitnerd Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the comment!
amen95 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello. :)
HardCoreCrocomire Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Student General Artist
amen95 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How are you doing?
HardCoreCrocomire Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Student General Artist
I'm fine, it's three in the morning and I've been playing minecraft and disassociating for the past 2 hours.
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megusta45 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch ;)
BustyRack Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch!
Musicnotemanga Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Student Artist
Me again listen there a lot of things I have by now which is a lot of questions about manga so I hope you answer them drawing characters are easy? (Like use your imagination to create including something fantasy also) cause I create alot of characters on dress up games and took a picture of them on my phone (don’t judge I was very creative) (and I do have a few characters on my mind tho.) can draw background by using your imagination? (Not like took a picture and draw it right? Cause I seen something fantasy like naruto,tokyo ghouls backgrounds and stuff including one piece like the backgrounds of one piece look so fantasy and I’m very curious about it)

3.i seen alot of mistakes about drawing and I’m worried/fear that I might screw it up and I’m curious that how can you spot a mistake and tell the differents also? (Apologize if that offend you or anything)

4.animating are easy right? Like you can do it on your own? (Like honestly I seen alot of animators on youtube who can animate and I was wondering that it fun to do that can it? Like I want to do anime series on youtube and plus I heard it easy for beginners like doing meme and stuff)

5.(it may or may not be an important question) is using any tablets like matter? Cause I seen artist who has a few tablets and stuff and wonder which tablet to animate/draw on and also only used one tablet? (Like just one tablet to draw/animate and also which program good to draw/animate?)

6.(might be from the first question but maybe different) ok I been wondering something that look so possible like I was wondering to create a character like furry’s (anthro),monster or anykind (I apologize if that was a weird question) like this for example and I’m very curious to be honest including like fantasy objects and more…

7.(ok this is serious and I’m worried it might happen to me) is being a manga artist is like I don’t know a damage thing cause according to thegamer site, I saw that eiichiro Oda (creator of one piece) works seven days a week and get 3 hour sleeps and he draws all by himself and try to take care of himself and also his family and I’m worried it gonna happen to me (don’t know if hobbies count)

Those are my questions and I hope you understand
HardCoreCrocomire Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Student General Artist
Sure i'd be happy to answer all of your questions, but it's kinda hard to understand what you're saying, so I'll answer to the best of my abilities.

1. Clearly if you get by making all of your characters on Dressup sites you're clearly having a difficult time drawing. Creating characters is a relatively easy thing to do in retrospect. But just saying you're creative doesn't give me an example on the level of character building you're on. But my process of making characters revolves around considering the world they live in. Sometimes the entire world can be built around the design of only one character. Spike from Cowboy Bebop is an example of this method. But if you're creating characters that you want to make interesting this is what I'd take into consideration-
  • How do they interact with the world around them?
  • What role do they play in their world?
  • What is your character's moral compass and how does that affect their daily life?
2. Backgrounds are hard, because the larger the scale of what you're doing there's a number of things you need to consider when making an effective background. Like the lighting, and how realistically your character blends into the 3D space- composition is everything because every picture needs a clear focus. So that rule applies to effective drawings too.

3. You're inevitably going to make mistakes in your drawings. Every artist does. But you improve by practicing and just drawing more. It's all about anatomy- the more you understand the way something works the easier it is to draw. I have many reference pictures on my computer of things like birds, trees and rocks. Study textures and dimensions.

4. Animating is HARD lots of animation novices like myself underestimate how long animating something good can take- especially if you're the only one doing it. I'd only get into animation if you're willing to devote the time.

5. The medium you use doesn't matter, but sometimes I want certain drawings to exclusively be digital because of how I want it to look. Paint tool SAI is a good drawing program, and fire alpaca is good for animating. Both programs are free.

6. You can draw whatever the hell you want- I especially love drawing monsters. The thing that's great about monsters is that they can be anything, I have many animal references that help me with texturing, Monsters are unrealistic but there's a surprising amount of realistic detail put into them. Here's my rule of monster creation- After you learn the rules you have the freedom to break them.

7. Spending months, even years of your life on something can result in stress and sometimes even trauma based on the payoff of what you just put all of your time into doing. Art is stress and it only gets worse depending on how deep you are into something. Here's another personal motto I live by- if you're an artist you're also a masochist.

I hoped all of my answers helped.
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