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Planeshift Equestria

Update 1.01: Mostly formatting and back end stuff, back cover page for a more official feel.  Some rules clarifications, races with subraces now actually tell you to take them, ect.
Update 1.02: More of the same.  Program I used to make this had some technical issues that made the last update not really work.  This should be fixed now.

Major Update: 1.10: Rework of Griffons and Crystal Ponies based on Playtesting.  Changes to Breezie innate magic. Added races from Season 8. Minor equipment changes. More magic items based on the movie. Other changes for simplicity sake.

Update 1.15:  Added Kirin! Streamlined Unicorns and Earth Ponies.  Zebra potions reworked to be more useful. Changed Apples-to-Oranges and Animate Rope. Added a race table for Reincarnate. Changed up the art a bit, and added a bit more flavor text on the world of a more Adventurer Friendly Equestria. 

March 2021 Update 1.2: Reworked Hippogriffs into a proper race, instead of a hasty rework of an old idea like before.  Added more religion info for inspiration.  In a first, I've removed an option entirely.  The Moon Domain is redundant with Tasha's Twilight Domain, use that instead.  But, I've replaced that with a new subclass for Artificer!  Biomancer!
Update 1.21: Fixed typo.  If you think you saw a typo, you actually didn't.

Not used to working with DA, accidentally deleted the version of this that had all the views and favorites.  Quite annoyed that they don't have anyway to restore that.  Oh well.

Everything you need to play the world's greatest role-playing game in the high fantasy world of Equestria.
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i runned some campaing with this PDF, and was increrible

i hope see as well in some future the new races from comics, like the friends from zecora's land

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I just want to say thank you.

I managed to get a friend into D&D who is, well, autistic and was not sure he would like it because he was (and still is) huge into ponies.

Your PDF helped me get him into D&D and he is starting to expand his tastes a little bit at a time.

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That's really nice to hear!

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Played a Unicorn Divine Soul Sorcerer when they started and now they are in a game I am in as a player and not DM and they are playing a Half-Elf Celestial Warlock (with Celestia as his patron but he is avoiding referring to pony stuff since our DM is not into it)

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Can't believe I accidentally stumbled upon this while looking for "Tails of Equestria".

Man, I am speechless!

There are no worlds in this galaxy to express just how INCREDIBLY AWESOME & FANTASTIC this is!♥️♥️♥️♥️💥💥💥💥🤩🤩🤩🤩

Just curious after reading the description: is this the final edition or are you planning on updating this any time soon?

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With Tasha's out it probably needs some streamlining to work better with the new rules to be honest. I also want to redo how Hippogriffs work as well. So there will likely be new updates. Let me know if you want to see anything else.

Also G5 is coming. I doubt it will influence things, but it might draw new eyes here, so its something to think about.

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As for G5, we are yet to see just how different things are from G4. I mean, sure, it supposedly takes place in the same universe as G4 - but it's still going to be a whole new generation, which probably means new places, new species (?), new rules(?). Maybe it would be wiser to see how things play out, depending on which you may or may not incorporate elements of G5 into Planeshift or make another volume specifically for G5 (which would be SO COOL, either way!) @Harby94

DreamstarMoonlight's avatar

Thanks! Looking forward to the updated edition whenever you release it! Keep us al posted!

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This is amazing!!! Was this by any chance made using HomeBrewery? I've just started to use that myself, and it works really well.

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Sort of! I started the project on Homebrewery, but at the time I was working on it the most, they'd stalled development pretty badly, and I switched to GMBinder. I hear HB's gotten better since then, but I've had few issues with GMBinder, so I'll continue to use that for now.

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I see. Good to know! A few artists could learn a thing or two from you!

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This is impressive. It really is. Dang shame that I didn't found it before the transition to Eclipse because the PDF view in it is small almost to the point you need to squint.

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That's a shame. The PDF viewer here has given a lot of people issues. But you can see the most updated version here:

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Does someone have a link to download this? I'm on mobile web and none of the ones that are already here work for some reason.

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Thank you so much!

Where i can download this?
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Is there a reason the Changelings don't have an alignment?
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Mostly because their page is already very full.  There's a lot of fluff I cut so that the formatting would work, unfortunately. 

They used to have an alignment section, but it was folded into the subrace description.  "Corrupted" Changelings are the ones we see in the show, and "Purified" ones are the nulings. 

I would probably have gone into more detail, but in my campaign Changelings are very different depending on what hive they're from.  But I didn't want to force that on anyone using this guide, so I kinda had to make it fit with either a split race or a monolithic one. 
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Okay, that's fair.
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That's really cool. I liked your conversion from MLP to D&D. Although not as extensive as Cheezedoodle's or as artistically consistent, it works very well and actually looks like a D&D manual, which I think is a HUGE plus! I hope you add in more things like this in the future.
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Thanks.  I have a bestiary in the works, but my own campaign is getting to the point where fighting monsters really isn't the main draw anymore, so I haven't really had the need to do so.  

Cheezedoodle's setting guide was a big inspiration for this, as I hated as many of his decisions as I liked, and thus had to make my own.  Class restrictions on race being a major one.  I also wanted to have less fanon, though I'm not sure I really accomplished that goal, or if that was a good goal from the start.  Several of my players wanted to be Seaponies from the start, and I had to acquiesce to that request pretty quickly. 

Also, on the note of the guide being less extensive than Cheezedoodle's, I did that on purpose.  I think that 5e's minimalism when it comes to rules is among its best features, and strove to discard anything that really didn't majorly improve this guide.  You have no idea the amount of things I've left out of this that I could have included.  Lots of magic items and maps of cities I designed for my own game.   But they don't fit in a generalized Equestria, so I didn't put them in this. It's also why I'm keeping the bestiary separatem since I think it would bloat this guide more than help it if I just added monsters in piecemeal. 
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