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Family Portrait - Solar Orbiting Worlds

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A family portrait of the 10 largest worlds orbiting the Sun to have been explored so far. Based on a concept by NovaSilisko.

Image sources:
Mercury - MESSENGER, processed by Gordan Ugarkovic, edited by me
Venus - Mariner 10, processed by Mattias Malmer
Earth - LRO, processed by Gordan Ugarkovic
Mars - Rosetta, I forget who processed this particular image
Ceres - Dawn, processed by Daniel Macháček, edited by me
Jupiter - Cassini, processed by Gordan Ugarkovic
Saturn - Cassini
Uranus - Hubble, edited by me
Neptune - Voyager 2, processed by Björn Jónsson
Pluto - New Horizons

UPDATE - 4 August 2018: Updated Pluto and Mars to be more natural looking.

UPDATE - 12 March 2019: Updated colors of Uranus and Neptune.

UPDATE - 25 April 2020: Updated Mercury with a real photo with greater accuracy.
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I like it! I've always enjoyed planetary comparisons.
It'd be interesting if all of thos planets were really the same size!

GOD bless
John 3:16
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and once (if) we find planet 9 it will remain known as a blury blob for who knows how long, one more undiscovered world. i wonder how long it will take until someone seriously considers a planet 9 flyby after its discovery.
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Nice portrait.:)
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The sun could fit perfectly in the middle ;) unless you don't want the sun on this portrait.
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I've thought about it, but I'm concerned it would distract from the other worlds, which I really would like to be the focus of the picture.
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Ok fine. But I like this portrait as it is also.
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