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21.02. Zoe Washburne - Firefly

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Previously known as Zoe Alleyne, now married to Wash. A sensible "warrior woman" with a dry sense of humor, Zoe is Mal's first mate on the ship, and second in command. She is both an excellent fighter and a loving wife.

I put off finishing this for a quite a few days, because I didn't want to draw her hair, but it came out pretty well. Maybe I'll do Jayne next or something, just to get some easy drawn hair next.
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Oh please do one of Kaylee:) You gotta admit she has an unusual face, almost Native American cheekbones. No pressure. Thank you for doing anything on Firefly there's not a lot on here.
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is this in posner?
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I love Zoe! This is very well done. :)
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VanadiumTaintedBerylProfessional Traditional Artist
Well done!
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Great job.
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Zoe tends to get the short end of the fanart stick for some reason, so its nice to see a really stunning piece of her.
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moosewingzHobbyist General Artist
Damn, this is amazing. LOVE.
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I have had such a crush on her.. Ooo! I wanted for the loooongest time just to kiss those beautiful lips of hers.. LOLOLOLOL!!!
Well... untill she went and got married on me!!
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daydreamsincStudent Traditional Artist
Fantastic job!
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Wow! You really captured her!
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this woman is incredible
zoe is probably my favoriet character in the entire seriese
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Lovely! It would be cool if you would also do Kaylee. :)
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I love literally all of your firefly portraits. But I think because Zoe is my favourite character, this is probably my favourite :). I like the glow to her skin, the lovely scribbly details on her hair, Zoe's beautiful and you captured that well.
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JasmineLeilaniHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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her hair looks really good! :D great job! :clap: Zoe is awesome too! :D
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You have been featured here...[link]

Thanks for the great art!! :D
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Ummm...Can I say holy BEEP!!! I mean wow! My mum walked by my computer and thought this was a photograph...not a drawing. What medium did you use? Please do Jayne! I love Jayne.
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harbekProfessional Digital Artist
Photoshop CS2. I already did Jayne. If you checked my gallery, you would know that. ;)
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Yeah...after I posted I went and looked and *face to palm* it was there...so amazing!!
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Oh my God. Tell me, have you looked at Fireflyfans.net? Because if they saw this they would *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Nicely done. She is so beautiful, no wonder Wash fell for her. *sob* poor girl.

Just curious what medium you used?
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harbekProfessional Digital Artist
All of them are done in OpenCanvas.

(And thank you. :D)
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YW, you have great talent.
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This is bloody fantastic! Amazing job! She looks so real! It could very well be a photograph. Say, how long does it take you to do something like this, anyway?
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harbekProfessional Digital Artist
Quite a few hours. I dunno, I've been finishing them in a day, mostly, working on them on and off for most of the day. Can't say the amount of hours, since I tend to do other stuff at the same time/in between.
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