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2011 Take my hand anyway



The Eight Doctor and his companion Charley, walking hand-in-hand into a brand new universe.

I really loved this episode, because it dealt greatly with the love they have for each other, without it ever getting romantic or schmoopy and overdone. I'm extremely weak for relationships that are that strong without ever really mixing in sex or romance. Not to mention Charley is one of my favourites in general.

Those who have heard this audio will know why I have the broken glass, and why I'm focusing on the hand-holding. I just can't decide if it ends up looking cheesy or not. Mostly I wanted to get a particular mood across, rather than highly detailed realism. Successful, I think.

Alternative version without the glass: [link]
Progress gif: [link]

Mind you, don't let the idyllic look fool you. This audio play was seriously messed up. (Which is obviously why I loved it.)

Doctor : "I don't want to be without you, Charley."
Charley: "You won't be."
Doctor : "I need you. I can't be on my own again."
Charley: "You won't be alone, I promise you."
Doctor : "Yes... The Doctor and Charley, as it always was. Thank you, Charley. Thank you for saving me."
Charley: "I promise. I need you too."
Doctor : "You will always be a part of me now. Inside. And I will always be a part of you."
Charley: "I know. I'm glad."
Doctor : "We're trapped here, on this one planet, without the TARDIS. Lost in a new universe. We can't know what it's like."
Charley: "I'm ready to find out if you are."
Doctor : "Yes."
Charley: "Come on, take my hand."
Doctor : "But we can see now, we don't need to hold onto each other."
Charley: "I know. Take my hand anyway."

- "Scherzo", Big Finish Productions
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There's so precious little of these two, and particularly of this amazing story. Brilliant work!