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2010 Giles

More dealing with sleep-deprivedness with speed drawings. While watching Buffy. Giles is awesome.

The colour version was fug, so somewhere midway I decided blah and greyscaled it.
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That's so great, I love Giles.
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Fantastic! I love it greyscale!
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Wonderful portrait. Love your style, especially the roughness of it. And the eyes... Wow, great job :)
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Given the option, I would have Anthony Head narrate my life. Love this!
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Omg you're even a Buffy fan! I'm watching the show right. now. For the first time. Giles is so awesome.
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Awww! How far along are you? (And yeah, I watch ALL the Whedon things. Well, okay, I haven't finished Angel, but I plan to.)
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I just finished the first episode of the second season. Whedon is awesome. And NPH. Though I am actually guilty of not being a Firefly fan. Scandal! I know.

Also, do you know a way to digitally paint without a tablet? Because I don't have one but I just happen to have this Photoshop Elements 8 program.
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Are you not a Firefly fan because you haven't SEEN it, or because you just don't like it? Cause one of those is easily correctible.

And oh, Buffy gets so much better. In the beginning it's very cheesy and kind of, you know, not the greatest. But it climbs so high.

I find it really difficult to do lineart or such without a tablet. But it's not impossible to draw lineart with pen/pencil, then scan it and colour it using a mouse or touchpad. I've done it: [link]
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I'm not a fan because it just didn't hook me. I watched all the episodes and the movie, so it was entertaining enough. But I found it kind of boring. Which is weird because it's a space-western with Asian influences. Sounds right up my alley.

This may sound scary, but I'm ready to start season 4 of Buffy now. There are so many feels I'd love to express. Like..umm Giles and Buffy's mom? On the hood of a police car?? TWICE? I spent a lot of time cracking up, getting grossed out, and cracking up all over again at that one.

Or when Buffy loses her powers, I was so mad at that council I just wanted to murder someone. I now hate them forever. As a side note: are there any female council members? And are there every any male slayers?

And then all this stuff with Angel. Moral dilemma: I don't know if I want him to die or not. He's such a piece of scum for torturing and murdering all those people. But it was a different mind. He "changed". And I don't know if his change is more or less legitimate that a normal person's reform sans supernatural means. I do know that their relationship parallels Bella and Edward's a lot except it's handled a hundred time's better.

Whedon is so great with the dialogue and the characters. I think this show has give me more feels than Doctor Who because of the characters and the drama. Not that I think it's better than DW...that's something else. But the characters are soo real. The show balances the drama and the "ehh end of the world again? no problem". And it's great for feminism.

I did say think that Giles was my favorite character despite his not so dark "dark past" just because he's so British and adorable. But Willow has become such a kickass character...oh man. This show is great.
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Huhhh. You are clearly a rare and mystical creature, cause there's not many I've spoken to who've given Firefly a proper chance and still haven't enjoyed it. I love it for the characters and writing, mostly. I just love every single one of them and want to give them hugs.

Hey, I watched all of Buffy over winter holidays one year, so. XD

I think there may be female council members, but there's never any male slayers. You get to see even more of them, including past ones. (The end of season 4 deals with it some, and oh lordy, the last episode of the season is amazing, in a weird freaky kind of way.) Oh, and Hush (4x10) is amazing too. There's a couple of great eps this season, even if I'm not necessarily THAT excited about the overarching season plot.

Oh, Angel... It's very different though. As Angelus, he's REALLY not the same guy at all. His soul is gone. He has no conscience. He has emotions, and a personality, but not in the same way humans do. You can't really treat Angel and Angelus the same way. Treat them as different entities.

That said, I'm not a big fan of Angel as a character or love interest. It kind of works for Buffy at that age, but I never saw it lasting, and always thought it was kind of dumb. And Angel is not a very interesting character. Spike's character development is MUCH more interesting, which you start seeing in season 4, so have fun with that.

And Whedon IS. Buffy gives me far more feels than Doctor Who. They have different strengths, when it comes to storytelling. (Honestly, I think the main strength of Doctor Who is its versatility and ability to change, even though I have MAJOR problems with how the show is currently being run. DW is NOT great for feminism at the moment. Thankfully I have years of Classic and Expanded to go through when I get too upset.)

My favourite characters... Buffy herself is pretty kickass, as is Xander and Willow. Giles is high on the list, as is Spike. But I think my favourite is Anya - the vengeance demon you saw in season 3 in "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland". You'll get to see her a lot more. Another big love of mine is Andrew, but he doesn't appear till season 6. Also Tara, who you'll get to meet fourth season. Actually my favourite season is probably season 6, as it contains my favourite episode "Once More With Feeling", and has all my favourite characters, as well as a pretty cool overarching storyline.
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Okay this may scare you but I just finished the third episode of the fifth season. I've been marathoning like mad. Those creepy demons in Hush were brilliant. The dudes in straitjackets felt a little forced, but man those demons. Whenever children are involved it's always German derived. ahem, Kindestod.

I agree with you about Angel and Spike compared. And as for Riley..ehh I don't really care for him either. In fact, I'm a bit bored by Buffy herself now. She's got everything figured out now. I guess I don't feel wildly crazy any characters now. That's the thing. Maybe Whedon is TOO good because now they all feel like real people. I don't have favorites or fangirl over them...they're just people.

Though I hated Faith despite understanding her story. And I hate the military and the Watchers council. And..hmm who I think that's about it.

I like Giles...but I miss him dressed up super fancy in his tweed. But I'm glad he has a life now... though what's up with Olivia? Usually side characters get developed a lot in Whedon's show. And I like Willow a lot. Sometimes Buffy bugs me though. Again, she's got it all figured out and she's got these boyfriends and man she just throws herself at them within a month! Though they do develop relationships.. anywho, maybe I'm jealous of Buffy. Who doesn't want to be a demon-fighting ass kicking super strong college-bound person with a great SO?

And I am totally impressed about the show's daringness to have Willow in a lesbian relationship though I don't think it's been very pushing on race. And I totally agree with you about how Doctor Who has been run. There was this big discussion about it on reddit combined with me following your blog. I'm very disenchanted by Moffat. He entertains well but does not hold up to analysis very well.

As for Dawn...well besides wondering why she even exists, I have conflicting opinions. I could totally understand her frustration at being coddled and overshadowed...except that she *is* an annoying brat. Clumsy and young. I hope she gets better.
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Wow! Very great work!!!!
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Giles/Repo man/Frank N' Furter/Ripper is awesome. Good job!!!
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AMAZING! this could be a photo!
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ts lokks so realistic
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Looove it! Nice work =)
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Giles rulez! Thanks for submitting this
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Friday I think... :P
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How about next week? Also, I can only come like, after 18:00. I need to get home from Tønsberg first.
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Just tell me when and I'll get the stuff ready ;) Just tell me on msn, i'll see it there
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