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17.02. Simon Tam - Firefly

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The overprotective older brother of the mentally unstable River, a fugitive like his sister, and doctor on the spaceship Serenity. Also, ridiculously pretty.

Worked on this for most of the day. OpenCanvas (meaning one layer, because my OC is messed up). I really love the painterly feel this program creates, and even if it's troublesome to work with for me, it's worth it, every now and then.

Become a Firefly fangirl rather suddenly... Don't be surprised if more of this appears in the near future.

Reference from a screenshot. (Portrayed by Sean Maher.)
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HarlequinLozengesStudent Traditional Artist
my soft boi <3
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talisathHobbyist General Artist
My first feeling about this guy, when seeing him in the pilot, was ''God, he's such a dandy!'' I fell in love with him after:D You did an awesome job here, I especially like the small star - like sparks in his eyes:) 
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PCamenzind Writer
He's so awesome! Great art!
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vidalligerProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome. Haha.
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O!M!G!Doctor!!!!You are so pretty and you know it!?
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LadyGaga98Hobbyist Writer
He is such a pretty man. And you just happened to make hime prettier:)
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xxcrashcourseHobbyist Digital Artist
I physically can not.
I quit trying this is too good i just give up.
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harbekProfessional Digital Artist
Never give up. I'd rather inspire people than discourage them. :)
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Swordfish1932Student Writer
pretty boy doctor
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bronzebugHobbyist General Artist
this is great!! :D I love Simon
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PareeeeeProfessional General Artist
Very good likeness
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I actually used this Picture a few years ago to show how I wanted my hair cut. Also I love every pice of your work. I'm lost for words on how to describe how much I love all your work.
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harbekProfessional Digital Artist
That is kind of awesome. :D
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I had found it on google images, never thought of looking at the link. Now I wish I had.
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harbekProfessional Digital Artist
Ah yes. Google images is great, but sometimes it makes you forget about the context or where it comes from. :)
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When I saw the thumbnail for this, I thought it was a photo. Simon was among my favorite characters in the series. (Him, Book and Wash.)
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I wanted to order a poster of this ;P But you don't sellll it!
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harbekProfessional Digital Artist
I'm not even sure I have the full-size of this anymore. And I don't think it would be good enough quality for a poster... :/

But noted, for when I get around to setting up a print account.
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I rlly like it, I want. Go, try and find a good Simon Tam poster- Try, I dare you!
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Browncoat-SithHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow... that's just beautiful - it really looks like him.
And the light in his eyes just makes me wanna give him a hug xD
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i love it!!!!!!!!
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*blushes* I love him!
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BlackoutGKStudent Traditional Artist
I love Dr. Tam, he's my fave in Firefly.
Great work! It looks just as pretty as he does!
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