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Zagreus sits inside your head
Zagreus lives among the dead
Zagreus sees you in your bed
And eats you when you're sleeping

Zagreus at the end of days
Zagreus lies all other ways
Zagreus comes when time's a maze
And all of history's weeping

Zagreus taking time apart
Zagreus fears the hero heart
Zagreus seeks the final part
The reward that he is reaping

Zagreus sings when all is lost
Zagreus takes all those he's crossed
Zagreus wins and all is cost
The hero's hearts he's keeping

Zagreus seeks the hero's ship
Zagreus needs the web to rip
Zagreus sups time at a drip
And life aside, he's sweeping

Zagreus waits at the end of the world
For Zagreus is the end of the world
His time is the end of time
And his moment Time's undoing

- The Legend of Zagreus, "Zagreus", Doctor Who (Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio drama)

"Doctor? Doctor? I hold the last vestiges of the most awesome power ever imagined. Imagined. Yes... How much better if I should take my title from a work of imagination, a creature willed to power by the undying anger of an unreal race! I told you, girl. I am not the Doctor! I am become he who sits inside your head, he who lives among the dead, he who sees you in your bed, and eats you when you're sleeping. I am become Zagreus!"

- The Doctor/Zagreus, same audio drama. An audio version of this scene is here if you prefer to listen: [link]

One of my alltime favourite Doctor Who villains, the Doctor himself possessed by antitime. Quite deranged and fun and spends a good while talking to giant cats and wandering through libraries and arguing with the TARDIS.

Posted on Tumblr: [link]

By the way, I'm about to open for commissions, so keep your eyes peeled.
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Zagreus is and always will be a fascinating inspiration behind any artwork, mainly for the fact that the character itself is so chaotic. There are many ways to interpret the symbolism behind Zagreus's shade; I've seen Zagreus artwork range from morbid to silly to downright macabre. Yet, I have never been totally staisfied with a likeness until now. I think your interpretation is both haunting and eerily beautiful. You have managed to capture the essence of the fact that Zagreus, a creature of hate and destruction, was harbored within a man of goodness and eternal kindness. The dark/light contrast in the artwork demonstrates the relationship splendidly. You managed to retain the pang of horror that Zagreus oftentimes instilled in listeners of the audio adventure, and yet mix that horror with a kind of other-wordly serenity that I myself so often associate with Paul McGann's Doctor.