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Dead Hand

"Shadow Temple... Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred... "

Oh yea this guy gave me nightmares as a kid.

3-4 hours in photoshop
I was doing this as a recorded speed painting, but camtasia stopped halfway through >:p
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So, Dead Hand.. I came rather late to consoles, but I more or less grew up on Ocarina of Time. I found it hard to beat it because the Stalfos terrified me, but I forced myself to face one and quickly found myself actually enjoying dueling with a fast, humanoid enemy. Then I got to the well in Kakariko... Dead Hand wasn't an enemy, it wasn't some kind of aggressive beast like Tektites or Dodongos. Dead Hand was a monster, it's origin was all but completely absent. It was a creeping evil that had always lurked just below the surface of a bright and peaceful town. Even when defeated I noticed that it didn't die normally, instead of breaking up and bursting into flame, Dead Hand fell over, kept twitching and sank into the ground. Once you get to the Shadow Temple, you have to fight it again and the same thing happens. That strange not-death animation that nothing else has, like somehow even the Master Sword cannot overcome this evil.
The years go by and my library of games expands, I find myself running through a game that I'm thoroughly enjoying despite how everyone else likes to complain about it. A game called Dark Souls 2. Gameplay is based around a hub where you can go to gain levels and the like, a bright, peaceful, and more or less safe place. But I can't help but notice that there's a giant, ominous hole in the ground, some kind of well if you will. I see there are planks and platforms leading down so I decide to brave the treacherous path. It's a tough journey, but I make it down to an area called The Gutter, a dark shanty town filled with the bodies that weren't dead enough when they were tossed in the pit, I'm given the feeling that they were trying to build their way back out of the hole. As I go deeper, I come across a transition to a new area, the Black Gulch. This place is even worse, pitch black lit only by patches of venomous green. Horrible monsters lurk in pools of poison waiting to pounce and at the end of it all is the lair of the horror that calls this place home, The Rotten.
The Rotten is a ghastly amalgamation of bodies that have fused together into a giant, cohesive being. An ancient, creeping evil that has always lived beneath the surface. The nightmare was real, Dead Hand was not gone and it had returned to haunt me.
I have never finished Dark Souls 2.
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That's some Silent Hill shit right there.
Thanks for the nightmares, Zelda.
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He was a good sub boss he needed more appearances
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My reaction the first time I encountered this guy:
*bars close over door*
Me: "Um...." 
*walks forward a little bit*
*hands pop out of ground*
Me: "The hell?"
*goes to attack a hand, but ends up being grabbed by it instead*
Me: "Oh shit..."
*screaming noise as Dead Hand pops out of the ground and starts coming towards me*
*get killed*
Me: T_T "I'm never going back in the shadow temple ever again..."
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damn it zelda why do you guys have creept and freaky bosses 
good work btw :3
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Whoa, this is creepily awesome. Always was disturbed by these things back then. :O_o:
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Oh my gosh that thing was such creeping evil.

Beautiful work. :clap:
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Love me some zelda. Mmmm-mmm-mmmmmmm
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This zombie probably in a former life was a Glutton, now he uses his size (and his anorexic hands) to keep him feed, many have faced him only to leave scars on his body, their swords do nothing to its thick fat, only the head is its only weakness (whats why its hands are easy to damage for they have no defense).
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Yeah, have fun with the nightmare fuel! E for Everyone my butt.

Great job, by the way. Fantastic lighting!
sweetstrawberryblood's avatar goodness me OwO'' This is a fantastic piece of nightmare~
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Oh my gosh I LOVE the lighting in this! The way the light hits its face, drawing our attention to those awful teeth is perfect. This is sending chills down my spine!
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This guy is bad enough in all it's N64 horror glory and your version (both awesome), I'd hate (love) to see a Silent Hill touch on this nightmarish boss. Great now I have to dig through storage and find the N64, old guidebook, game, and fight this nightmare again. :D

"Nintendo says its E for Everyone. The poor 7 year olds who played this game says otherwise" - Matthugh1000
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wwwwuuuèèè :fear:
not him!
great job!I love It! This is exactly how I saw him when a was a child.!.so many nightmares..:paranoid:.
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Thanks for this...I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway T_T
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well there goes MY goodnight sleep. >_>

but on the other hand this is awesome. :D
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On the other "HAND" thanks :)
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...heh...hehehe. Yes. XD
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