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What's that? You like black better? [link]

Here is a completely re-done and revamped version of my original and most popular deviation: ONE PLANET_ . I did this because the original version was done when I still had my PC and after it crashed I lost the original PSD version. Now I have taken into consideration EVERY SINGLE country. I honestly have more countries in this than ever before and it took much longer to try and fit it all in.

I tried to go along the same color scheme as the original and fixed everything that got criticisms in the past. This version has a white background. If you don't like the white, don't shy away to look around in my gallery for the black background version. I thought the white really make things stand out a lot more. What do you think?

Sorry, I have to close downloads - it's a shame it has to come to this but people are stealing it! Thank-you to everyone for the continued support!

ONE LAST THING: If I end up getting an alarming amount of comments/favorites (like has happened in the past) I'm sorry if I don't get back to you, because there is just too much to respond to! But if you want to get in touch, use the note system or reach me at my email at !!
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The Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China are labeled incorrectly.
I could not say about other countries, sorry.
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Awesome job and lovely colors!
do you inspired by this:


It looks very similar to the maps on the page.
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Yeah, that is a terrible rip-off isn't it?
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white version is better!
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Beautiful. :D Clever, and cool - can't imagine how long it must have taken you to put in every country... WOW.
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You're welcome. :3
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It looks so cool :D
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I can see my house from here :D
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You just made my day
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Oh my God! This is so awesome. I think I like the white version better.
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I don't like how I can't see my own country... but we're small, anyway. xD

This is a great picture and a very original concept, well done.
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It looks really cool x3
Can I ask, have you added Armenia on there? It's hard to see some of the tiny countries, sorry ^^;
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