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August 22, 2009
It must have taken ~harajukumatt some time and research (not to mention patience) to plot out every last country in correspondence to where they are on a map. It is a simple, yet clever idea that any person in the world can enjoy.

ONE PLANET_VERSION 3 by ~harajukumatt
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Version 4: [link]

22-08-2009: THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT & COMMENTS. AND THANK YOU FOR THE DAILY DEVIATION! Every single comment is read, but not always responded to. There are just simply too many.

What's that, you want a white one? [link]

Here is a completely re-done and revamped version of my original and most popular deviation: ONE PLANET_ [link]
. I did this because the original version was done when I still had my PC and after it crashed I lost the original PSD version. I honestly have more countries in this than ever before and it took much longer to try and fit it all in. I am really sorry if I missed your country; it seems I've made a few human errors. If there are countries not on here, they were not left out purposely; and I am truly really sorry if I offended anyone.

I tried to go along the same color scheme as the original and fixed everything that got criticisms in the past. So now you can enjoy this in all its beauty in high resolution. If you download it, you will get a beautiful 4060x2536 view of it and be able to see every country (even the smallest ones).

Sorry, I have to close downloads - it's a shame it has to come to this but people are stealing it! Thank-you to everyone for the continued support!

ALSO: Thanks to ^archanN for the feature here(Oct. 8, 2008): [link]

ALSO ALSO: Today(Oct. 10, 2008) I was given a link to a youtube video where this was featured [link] ... I gave permission for it to be used for the intro to a segment in an Australian Television show.

ONE LAST THING: If I end up getting an alarming amount of comments/favorites (like has happened in the past) I'm sorry if I don't get back to you, because there is just too much to respond to! But if you want to get in touch use the note system or reach me at my email at matthewlehtela@gmail.com !!
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Algeria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Dominica, Egypt, France, The Gambia.

Hungary, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Libya, and Mongolia.

Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Suriname.

Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam, West Xylophone, Yemen, Zimbabweeeeee!