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Published: February 7, 2010
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Another shot from Poznań Stary Browar Shopping Centre
Image size
3997x2693px 12.98 MB
Shutter Speed
6666/100000 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 10, 2009, 10:50:18 AM
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alexettingerHobbyist Photographer
Wonderful detail in this shot. :)
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And the great detail as always.
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cheers friend :D
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FanArtistikProfessional Interface Designer
Very interesting angle of view, looks so nice the details and the perspective.
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kerynejaHobbyist Traditional Artist
thats nice shot
this reminds me Gasometer in Wien. it was used as gas tanks, then it got new function as accomodation, shops.
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I must check this place out ŁD

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rueDHobbyist Digital Artist
this is cool!
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BiOzZHobbyist Photographer
nice one but one thing i odnt like about HDR pictures taken with a canon is it really brings out the canon artifact and that's hard to remove :/
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?? I don't get it/.. can you explain it
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BiOzZHobbyist Photographer
canon cameras have little artifacts like pixel shifting ... sensor blotches (possibly related to IR light leak) ... image glow ... color loss ... low ISO noise and system glitches ... that i have noticed with my old 5D MKII ... normally you barely notice it but with HDR processing it really jumps out at you :/ ... thats part why i switched to nikon
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sound reasonable.. and extremly technical :D cheers :D
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BiOzZHobbyist Photographer
yah i work in a camera shop that masters in internal fine tuning X3

every time i see it i remember my hours and hours of post processing that had to go in to my canon HDR commission shots

if you use photomatix you might want to cut on chromatic abrasion reduction ... its tuned for canon's glass
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I must check it out ...
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BiOzZHobbyist Photographer
yah ... red chromatic abrasions on canon (normal glass) vs nikon ed glass can be quite high [link] ... expecally with large megapixel cameras ... photomatix does a good job with it ... that and some post processing ... a quick look threw your gallery i see a lot of it .... but the images are so amazing its easy to miss X3

how do you compose your hdr images if you dont mind me asking
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thanks for more info..especially for the graphic link what gave me full view.

when it comes to my images... I use to do 3 jpg-shots but nowadays I do a single RAW file - I use photomatix 3.2 Pro - I start with a basic set... is that an answer to your question ??
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rueDHobbyist Digital Artist
what is the canon artifact? I have a canon ,too and I also shot in HDR. I´m just curious what you mean.
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BiOzZHobbyist Photographer
well its many things ... for one canon glass tends to distort the colors and can cause color shift on small objects (like on the top you see a reddish outline around the windows and the polls) and on small objects and details it shifts ... nikon uses Extra-low Dispersion (ED) and Super ED glass and it helps ALLOT ... also it helps on chromatic aberration that canon cameras create but photomatix does a great job on covering it up ... also compared to a nikon the colors are off and the metering is just not as spot on

i had a canon 5D mkII for a year but i decided to sell it and go nikon ... got a nikon D90 for half the price and its twice the camera

also nikon CLS system (wirelessly controls flash units with out the need for cables) is just amazing ... along with ADL (sort of an in-camera HDR processing)

canon makes nice cameras and i loved my 5D but i quickly learned why nikon is the number one selling brand ... i later got my hands on a nikon D3x for studio use and a nikon D300s for outdoor photo shoots (like weddings and such)

i got a canon because they have higher megapixels but i learned quickly that megapixels do not equal quality xD ... i told my self "its not the camera its the photographer" for the longest time ... but after i got my D90 my photogrpahy improved 10 fold
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rueDHobbyist Digital Artist
wow , thanks for the reply! Now I am a bit frustrated cause I did some research and also the guy from who I bought the camera told me that there is now difference between nikon and canon.

They should create a try and buy campaign. ^^

But I like my Canon for now but if I ever consider buying a new one I will remember this post of yours.

Thank you very much!
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BiOzZHobbyist Photographer
yah that hole a camera is a camera thing dates back to the film age where there used to be 10 mechanisms in an entire camera and the film was waht you needed to desire on ... canon makes GREAT point and shoot cameras ... but they think they can throw there technology from point adn shoot in to a dslr and expect a great DSLR .. when the fact is ... that jsut cant be done .... and one thing that does get me is ... nikon is a camera company .. they have been making cameras seance 1930 .... canon is a printer company ... they have been making cameras sence the 80s

yah there great for basic photography (because there so cheap) but if you really wanna go big you cant beat a good nikon

glad to help ... any other questions feel free to note me ... i also work video game development and computer programming

just watch out for my shitty English X'D
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