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  • ^Please read it. I'm very tired of the "I love X, and I was wondering if you could possibly be interested in making a X dress up for free so I could play it? Just a suggestion"s. Or that's how I see all "Can you make a X game"s...

  • No, I'm not taking any dress up requests, suggestions, ideas or whatever you want to call them.

  • Yes, still no Hinata. I can make an anti-game of her though. One with horrible graphics and clothes that won't work properly.


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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

(Meaning this game)

Okay, I did some updates for the Pokemon game. I hope you like them. I decided to make a journal entry on the subject instead of dumping this all to the artist's comments, because then they would become so long that I couldn't even expect anyone to read them (especially the "Don't ask me to add your favourite pokemon to the game" part).

The new stuff includes:
-The game starts with the "body" page, because a lot of people seemed to have problems with finding the option to make a male trainer. Also some more eyes.
-Shirts on two different pages (I had some serious problems with this coding, everything seemed to be just fine and I couldn't locate the error... But then I turned the page1/page2 things into buttons instead of movie clips and now it's working properly)
-Different colour changing style for "other", so you can have the accessories to be in different colours. I'm quite proud I was able to come up with this (extremely easy) code, because I'm still a total flash newbie.
-More clothes/pokemon/hairstyles, of course.

And yes, I'm aware that the pants/other/pokemon/hair pages are overcrowded, and I intend to do something about it in the future. Plus the hair buttons need totally new graphics, the current buttons are pretty horrible... But right now my computer seems to have some serious problems with running the .fla file for the Pokemon game (it's rather large), so it takes over 10 minutes to even open the file, and when it finally opens, it looooooooooaaaaaads. And then the computer crashes due to overloading, and I have to start over from the 10+ minutes opening. So no updates in the near future at least (or until my computer starts to work properly). And yes, I'm aware I don't draw Pokemon too well on the computer. If I first sketched them with a pencil and then scanned them to flash they'd look better, but that'd be too much work. If you want better graphics for the pokemon search google for pictures and paste them to your work with paint or something.

...Which can apply to any pokemon actually. As I've explained, since there are some 500 different species, I really am not interested in drawing them all. That's why I have to choose some, and I choose Pokemon that are small enough to fit the small space of the game, easy to draw, and/or species I personally like. It's very sad if your favourite is missing, but there really is no way for me to know that ____ just happened to YOUR ultimate favourite. But considering that my pokemon artwork really isn't that great it's not much of a loss. Plus it takes like 10 seconds to google a picture anyway.

And some people seem to have really interesting ways to interpret the "Please don't ask me to add more pokemon". Instead of "can you add ____?" I sometimes get stuff resembling "I'm just wondering if ___ could be an option. just a suggestion" or "it'd be great if ____ was included". Oh thats totally fine ill draw them right away since youre not using the word 'request' and just wondering/suggesting!!!1 ^_^ ^_^

:iconffffuuuuplz: the Brendan shirt isn't working! Do I really need to load the game again to fix it!? [edit]ok now it's working.

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