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Since I have been asked some questions quite often (for my standards), I decided to make a


If anyone asks me any of these questions in the future, I'll link them here since I'm too lazy to answer the same questions again.

Q: Can you make a dress up of *insert series/character here*?
A: No.

Unless I have already planned/started making it, that is. It can take anything from a few days to months for me to make a dress up, so if I begin making a game, it's from a series I like enough to spend dozens of hours of my free time on. I'm not going to use my free time on making random request dress ups of series I don't even know just because a stranger would like to get one for free.

And yes, this includes suggestions and ideas as well, or any other word you use to wish/hope/wonder/whatever if I can/could/should do a dress up of a certain series/character for you for free. "Just saying/asking/wondering" is just as annoying.

And if I know and like the series it's pretty pointless to request anything; I don't need any help realising that I could enjoy drawing a subject that interests me.

More on this here if you're interested

Q: Hi! Your dress ups are amazing! Do you know that *insert series here* is very popular, and it would make a great dress up! I know many people who would like to play that, and I'm sure it would be a great addition to your gallery! And there aren't any dress ups on it around so you'd be just the perfect person to correct the situation! (etc.)
A: I can recognise a request when I see one....

Q: Hi! I must inform you of the unfortunate thing that there are no dress ups of *insert series here*, I've looked like everywhere but I can't find one! But since you make dress ups it'd be cool if you could make one etc.
A: I can recognise a request when I see one. Also, it is not my responsibility to cater to your fandom.

Q: Do you do dress up commissions?
A: If you're interested please note me. But I only accept real money via bank transfer (so no points or other nonexistant stuff, or Paypal since I don't have an account), and the price will be in proportion to the work it requires, which may be weeks.

Q: Can you add different poses/body of different age/yaoi or yuri option to your games?
A: This has been asked surprisingly often.
All the clothes have been drawn to fit the doll. If I alter the doll (the pose, age or gender), I need to alter all the clothes to fit the new doll. Considering my games tend to have a lot of items, it'd mean redrawing hundreds of clothes. So the answer is sorry no, I won't change the base doll.

Q: Can I post a character I made in your games?
A: Yes, if you put a link back or at least something resembling "I didn't draw this myself" in the artist's comments or wherever you post your pictures.

Q: Can I use anything in your gallery as base?
A: No, you can't. Please look somewhere else if you want a base.

Q: Can I alter the screen shot I took of your dress up game in a drawing program?
A: You can make minor alterations like changing the colours or adding some detail, but do not transform the outfit into something completely new. That'd be pretty much the same as using it as a base.

Q: Can I make a profit with screen shots from your games (like selling adobtables etc)?
A: No, you can't. I put a lot of effort to making the dress up and most likely didn't get any profit from it, I'd find it pretty unfair that someone else used it for profit when all they need to do is a few clicks. You can make adobtables, but they must be free.

Q: How do you make a dress up game?
A: First you need a Flash program.
Then you can either search for "Dress up tutorial" or check the one I made.

Q: What program do you use?
A: Adobe Flash CS3 Professional and Adobe Flash CS5 Professional for dress ups, Photoshop for other art.

Q: Where is Hinata!?
A: I don't like her so I left her out...

Q: How do I save the character I created with your dress ups?
Here's a site that instructs you. If it doesn't work there's nothing I can do.

If you post your creation anywhere, please link back by either copying the game's web address or writing something about : iconhapuriainen: without the space so you'll get my icon :iconhapuriainen: (these only work on Deviantart).

Q: Will you join *some art group*? Can you add your deviation to *some art group*?
A: Sorry, but at the moment I'm not planning to participate in any group activities. I like to keep my works in my own gallery.

I think that was all for the time being. I'll update this if needed.
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Hey, I'm just wondering that since Flash Player is gone and your dress up games are not available to play anymore (unless there is a way, if so please tell me because I love going back to them) if you were planning in future to transfer them to a new playable platform or program that's still supported?

I understand you've got other things. It was just a hope since I do love your dress up games and I'm sad that I'm not able to play them anymore cos they stopped flash... :(

Hapuriainen's avatar

You can download them to your own computer, and get a program that plays swf files (I don't know any by name but something should show up if you google a little).

Ridahedgehog's avatar

Oh thank you! That's great to hear.

I'll try that asap. But yeah, I hope it works.

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Have you ever considered giving lessons on making your dressup games? Maybe you could make a paid class on SkillShare?

Hapuriainen's avatar

It's a flattering thought that I'd be good enough to make a paid class, but Flash will stop working soon so my dress up making skills with it will unfortunately become obsolete in the near future.

polarsurfacewiz's avatar
What about adobe creative cloud?
Hapuriainen's avatar

To my knowledge it's subscription-based so it's not really an option for me.

polarsurfacewiz's avatar
Yeah. Well I hope in the future you’ll be able to try it but I won’t pester you or anything and I’ll keep playing your dress up games. They are the best. And they’re why I got adobe creative cloud and I’m trying to learn to be better at drawing people so I’ll be able to make these games like you do. Good luck in the future and keep making art
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It's not about if I'm "able" to try it, it's that I don't want to pay for a subscription service. I'd rather pay a bigger price once because putting the product on a timer feels incredibly stressful.

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Do you have a list of Series/ Characters that you would be willing to do on commissions? Or a list of those (other than Hinata) that you wouldn't do?
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Right now my commissions are closed so it's a bit of a moot point to discuss what I wouldn't draw, but I didn't have any series/character limitations while they were open. Like if I'm drawing for free (like a raffle prize) I don't want to spend my time on a subject I hate, but I don't care enough about anime characters that I couldn't consider drawing one I don't like as just a job. This would be case by case though, like I wouldn't have problem drawing a generic pic of Hinata, but one where she holds a sign that says "Hinata haters suck" would be a different thing.

Does this work for my phone? I’m just too lazy to go on a keyboard.

So what'll happen to all your old dress-up after flash goes belly up in 2020?

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I guess they'll stop working unless someone comes up with a solution to prevent that.
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I heard that flash emulator is a thing.

Or you can convert it to HTML5.
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If you ever do another Pokemon one...could you update the current one to have Alolan region Pokemon and Alolan variants?
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Like it says in the description of the Pokemon trainer creator, I'm not going to update it or make a new one.
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Will you make your games downloadable once Flash Dies?!
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q: can you make a red, orange, yellow, green, purple, and pink precure and the magical girl versions?
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Uh, the F.A.Q. already answers this.
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but can there just be a red precure dress up <:c
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Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've noticed that you haven't been doing as many dress ups. Are you transitioning away from that kind of thing or just taking a break? Your other art is super cute too and I know dress ups are a loooot of work. Just noticed a difference in content and was wondering about it. 
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