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Tokyo Mew Mew redesigns

Redesigns for the gang, also featuring Tokyo Black Cat Girl and the unnamed Mouse Mew from the manga extras.
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Favesies list!

Ichigo: 1st(the cutest one)

Mint: 3rd(blue lipstick=overkill*)


Pudding: 1st(so spunky ;p)

Zakuro: 2nd(maturity at its finest)

Berry:1st(adorab-wait, isn't she supposed to have cat tail?)

Ringo: 3rd (poofy and precious)

Black Cat: 2nd(i like the scarf ^-^)

Kiwi: 3rd(shame kiwi mouse never made it into the manga)

*to quote TV Tropes(yes, I visit that website)

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My favorites out of the rows

Ichigo: 1st

Mint: 3rd

Lettuce: 3rd

Pudding: 2nd

Zakuro: 3rd

Berry: 2nd

Ringo: 1st

Black cat girl: 2nd

Green Mouse Girl: 3rd

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I love Tokyo Mew Mew. Those designs are killer.👍
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Unless you're mahou-furbies on tumblr, this is stolen

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I am mahou-furbies though, I link to my main account and dA on the about page.

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My bad, just making sure

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i can imagine some of these being like power-up forms a la super sailor moon or enchantix

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THESE REDESIGNS ARE AMAZING! I LOVE ALL THE THIRD ONES! May I have permission to cosplay for myself and for a future group? emotihal pleading eyes

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Sure. And I'd love to see the results!

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All the redesigns are so amazing but I especially love Minto's! The third one of her designs that really empathizes the ballerina is my favorite!

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These are all awesome! The combo of the mouse ears and the bow (unnamed mouse mew on the right) is adorable. And I actually prefer Zakuro's outfit on the right to her one in canon. As well as all of Retasu/Bridget's to her canon ones. Having the frills harken to the fins of her animal is such a cool idea:)

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My gosh, this is a classic series!

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While the Tokyo Black Cat and Mouse are unnamed, I refer to them as Mew Dragon (as in dragonfruit) and Mew Grape respectively.
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From top to bottom favourites each row:

Row 1 First

Row 2 First

Row 3 Third

Row 4 Third

Row 5 Second

Row 6 Third

Row 7 Second

Row 8 First

Row 9 Second

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Love them! They are so well designed!

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I love these designs! You're really talented.

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I love the 3rd on Ichigo, 1st on Mint, Second or third on Lettuce, Second on Pudding, Third on Zakuro, Second on Berry, Second on Ringo, All of them on the Tokyo Black Cat and Third on the green mouse

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That's a definite blast from the past.

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