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School Girl Dress up v2

A commission for The commissioner was fine with me posting this on my DA account as well.

You may post a screen shot of your creation in your gallery if you either link back or at least state you didn't draw it yourself.

As the sharpest of you may have noticed from the "V2" in the title, this is a remake (of this game). The v1 indeed was quite horrible, so a makeover was much needed. I had a lot of fun making this, even if I occasionally noticed that I managed to get myself into quite a mess when a brilliant idea led to big coding requirements or redrawing other parts.

Please do not ask me to add any more stuff. This game is finished, I really don't have the time to update it with the school uniform details from everyone's favourite series. Also I don't take requests, suggestions or any other form of inquiries for free art. This includes the male version. Please stop asking for it, I'm not going to make one.

F.A.Q. here.
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how come i can't play this? it just does gif

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Flash is discontinued, this was a flash game. I'm not sure if you can play it somewhere else.

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Do you think you can create a my hero academia character creator game? I want to make a female midoriya for my fanfiction on Wattpad. I tried using your School Girl Dress Up game, but it didn't work.

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My commissions are currently closed for the foreseeable future.

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This sucks now the Adobe Flash Player is no longer available for this year.

I really like playing School girl dress up v3.

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Thank yooooou :) .

Translate the following text into english.

Muito obrigada por esse jogo, eu me diverti muito o jogando. alguém como você merece ter muito reconhecimento mesmo! tudo de bom para sua pessoa.

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What's going to happen with these games when Flash dies?

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I figure they will just stop working, unless dA even outright removes them.

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i'm going back to my childhood lol

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Can you make a male version of school boys please?
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Hey, I use the Pokemon trainer version 2 if I do males which is actually hard for me

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Oh okay I'll check it out ^^

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PasteliaSprinkles thanks Pls follow me

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This has already been answered in the description.

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Oh really? Where's the game?

I hate the new version of Deviant art! it won't let me have a full screen of this game without showing me my tabs and everything! I like the old version better!

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I meant that on the eclipse version.
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The game's not showing up for me.

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It could be blocked for you or the device you use

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